Abandoned House for pics

Hey brides,

There is this really cool abandoned house that I see on photography blogs and the photographers never want to tell me where it is. Does anyone here know? I would love to have some pictures at this location or any abandoned house you might know of.



Re: Abandoned House for pics

  • Jenni.AdamsJenni.Adams member
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    I believe that's along Geneva Road in Provo. Just south of Universtiy Parkway. I don't know the exact address Sorry.
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    There's an abandoned house on the west side of NB I-215, just 1 or 2 miles before the NB Legacy Parkway entrance. Hope that helps.
  • utwedfanutwedfan member
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    thanks guys. I will try and find them.
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    I checked today, It's right off the 2100 N. exit  out on I-215.
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    Is it legal to just go take pictures anywhere like that? Be careful, you don't want to ruin your dress on a nail or the brick or something.
    I'm not trying to take the fun out of everything. I just wouldn't want anyone to get hurt or in trouble trying to get pictures.
    I just thought of all this because my friend wanted to do pictures on a train track for her senior pictures and the photographer said that wasn't legal. They ended up finding a cool warehouse instead and got permission.
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