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Hi ladies! My bridal shower is being hosted by a good family friend, stepmom and stepsister. The shower is Vegas themed...not casino-ish more on the showgirl side. I want to get them each unique gifts either themed like the shower or travel wise. But really any gift ideas would be great! My FMIL is hosting a small "shower"...mainly her mom and FSIL and a couple of her friends bc they will not be able to attend the other one. Its going to be a small family dinner then drinks later once gma leaves. Im thinking about just sending her some flowers as a surprise. Is that acceptable?


Re: Hostess Gift Ideas

  • Getting something as simple but special as a picture frame of yourself and the person who is receiving the gift is a good thought too. Its not a lot but it goes a long way to thank the person who is hosting the shower. Flowers are always good but if you're anything like my friends who are hosting mine, they have severe alergies. I have known my best friend since the 2nd grade and I've got multiple pictures over the years. I bought a collage picture frame at Kirklands for like $20 and I am able to put in 15 pictures over the years of our friendship. Just a thought!
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