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Different Opinions on Where to Go

My FI and I are having a hard time agreeing on where to go for a honeymoon. We want to spend less than 4K and go to some type of island/ tropical location.

FI wants a cruise while I would prefer to fly to an island and stay there for several nights.
Fi keeps talking about the "all you can eat" food and all of the different activities of the ship. I have never been on a cruise and am not sure I want my first time to be on a honeymoon when I just want to spend time with my FI.
I would prefer to stay in the same location, relax, get massages, and not spend so much time going from place to place.

Does a compromise even exist for this or should we just make a decision either way? If you went on a cruise for your honeymoon how was it and did you feel you were able to have alone time with just FI with so many people around? thanks for your help!
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Re: Different Opinions on Where to Go

  • You could absolutely compromise on something like this.  Check out shorter cruises.  A lot of places do 3-4 day cruises.  You could fly to a place, do your short cruise, and then spend a few more days relaxing before flying back.  Or vice versa, of course. 

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  • You could also go on a cruise to somewhere like Bermuda, where many cruise lines will stop only at one port there for a few days before cruising back.  That way, he gets his all-you-can-eat food, and you get your single destination for several days

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  • You can go to an All Inclusive anywhere that includes all you can eat/drink.  Does he realize that it's not just on cruises?  I think the ladies are right though about a compromise with a shorter cruise.  
  • Thank you that's great advice!! and yes I try to tell him that we can eat a lot of food wherever we go but he must be picturing something becuase he doesn't think anything can compare. Haha but I really like the idea of either staying in the same port for several days or taking a cruise once we get to our destination!
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  • Why not an all inclusive resort. They are all over the Caribbean and unlike a cruise they actually include alcoholic beverages. We did a cruise and hated it. We were bored stiff on the days we were at sea and felt to rushed on the days we were in port. We felt we didn't get to see the islands at all. This was a couple of years before our hm when we finally discovered AI resorts. We will never cruise again as its just not our style. We love AI resorts as you get the best of both worlds. All the food,booze,beach time you want and as long as you get off the resort,on your own or with a tour, we prefer on our own, you get to see the island at a more leisurely pace and for longer.
  • I've never been on a cruise, but I second the AI route.  Alcoholic beverages are not incldued on most cruises.  Neither are many of your excursions once you arrive at your destination.  We looked at doing a cruise for our HM, but once we started adding in alcohol and adventures, it ended up being about the same as staying at an all-inclusive place.  

    Again, while I've never been on a cruise, and we did talk about going, I am glad that we didn't because it gave us much more time to just relax and soak everything in when we were just in once place.
  • I agree with pp's on trying to convince him to do an AI resort.  With the unlimited alcohol, in addition to food; it could end up being friendlier on your budget
  • cruises leave from puerto rico and barbados. do both. spend some time on an island and then head to the cruise.


  • Never been on a cruise but would love to go... however fi and I LOVE all inclusive resorts.  I just booked our honeymoon today at an all-inclusive resort: some activities are inlcuded, as well as all you can eat and drink (booze too).  Plus a snack bar, dance classes and a 24 hour gym.  So excited!
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  • I enjoy cruises and would be bored at an AI resort.  With most cruises you're really only at sea 2-3 days, and the rest of the time you are on islands and things.  But I also hate sitting on the beach for a week.  I've done it too many times (we live like 4 hrs from the gulf), and I just get sand in places where it shouldn't be and a sunburned ass.  If I'm going to lay out I always prefer the deck of a boat and for 2-3 hours at a time, not 8.  There are other things to do at an AI, but the beach, drinks, and food are usually the big appeal with an excursion or two thrown in.  I know a lot of people who love to just be on the beach for hours, but that's not my jam.

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