Erotic cake for bachelorette party?

Any idea of which bakeries in Portland can make the lovely penis cake? We are from Seattle I am helping a friend plan a bachelorette party for our friend next weekend in Portland and she wants one of these cakes. Help!

Re: Erotic cake for bachelorette party?

  • For a fun twist- go to Voodoo Donuts & get the (umm, not sure I can say this on TK, but I'll try) C0ck&Balls doughnut! Or better, a dozen! ;) They also have made a "Greg Oden" version that is extra large.
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  • Thanks for the recommendation! I passed on the Voodoo Donuts idea and she loved it! :-)
  • This post delighted me!  I'm the MOH for a wedding in September and I am SO bringing a dozen of these tasty treats with me when I fly down for the bachelorette party - hopefully airport security doesn't mind.  Thanks for the excellent idea!
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