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Hi All,

I would love info on where you all are having your ceremony & reception. My date is August 28th. We were supposed to be getting married at David Walley's resort (just outside of Tahoe) but found out this week they will no longer be hosting weddings. I am now keeping my fingers crossed they actually credit me my deposit as they said they would!  We are on a pretty tight budget so any info on locations with estimates of cost would be really helpful.

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Re: Venue HELP?!

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    That is terrible!  I hope you get your money back as well.

    We are getting married at lakeland village, the price to use the facility isn't too bad... i think its 3000 ish.. but you get to bring in your own cateror, and bring in your own beverages without a corkage fee. The ceremony fee is 1800 (and I think its a little high!) but i feel like we are saving money on other things.

    hope it all works out.
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    There are a lot of places, but it really depends on your budget and how many people you plan on inviting. Do you have an idea so far?

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    Thank you for the info lfritos. I will look into it. Thankfully I did get my deposit back!!

    lromeo1 - the original plan was to have about 100 people and try to keep the cost under $10K total.  We are considering trying to cut the guest list in half to help keep costs down but I think it may be a challenge.
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    I am having my wedding at Gar Woods on a Saturday. My estimate is for about $13k for 100 people, but it includes the ceremony and reception. I also picked a mid-priced menu. If you are interested in having it there, i can give you more specific information.
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    My wedding ceremony and reception in on August 8th at the  top of Heavenly Mountain. All our guests will take the tram up there around 4 and then back down around 10. Depending on what you offer to drink, the costs will start around 8k and go up from there. Its gorgeous up there and i cant wait.
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    we were a david walleys drop too.

    i was completely crushed because i had DREAMED ever since i was a kid about getting married there.  ugh!!!!

    we decided to move it to Reno - unfortunately.  but it worked out.  sorry you were dropped as well.  :-(
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    Try looking up the Red Hawk Casino just outside Reno. I haven't been to the Biltmore but received info,they can do a reception and ceremony at one place. Or you can doa  reception there and a lakeside ceremony. I have a friend who got married lakeside and had her reception at Garwoods. she highly recommends them too. IMO, anywhere in Tahoe will be beautiful! The reason I am not doing Tahoe anymore is because FI agreed we'll go to Hawaii instead.
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    Thanks for all of the suggestions!

    @FutureMrsRyan - Sorry :( It is such a beautiful place I just can't believe they aren't doing weddings anymore!
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    [QUOTE]Try looking up the Red Hawk Casino just outside Reno. Posted by MrsJG2Be[/QUOTE]

    Red Hawk isn't just outside of Reno.  It's located just east of Sacramento before you get to Placerville.
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    Hi! Our wedding is August 20 at the Francsican Lodge. I'm on a budget too and only doing 30 people, so it might not be big enough. But you could also take a look at the North Tahoe Event Center. Great spot on the beach and pretty decent cost. It ended up being too much space for my little party but might be just right for you!
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    it totally depends on what type of "theme" you are doing. We are getting married in VC with about 100 people in June. The scenery is amazing and out wedding is going to cost about 8k with the honeymoon. We are doing it at the gold hill hotel at the gazebo. Very historic but I have been to a wedding there and it was so beautiful It looked like they spent 15k and they probably spent 3k. Not sure if it will fit what you are looking for but its an idea
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    I have been looking for reception venue,  We are on a tight budget and even though the sands isnt the most updated and prettiest place, there prices are AWSOME.  If you are creative you can really make the ball room look great, I hired a wedding planner just to do the final touches and decorations in the ball room.  My budget is only $6000 for 200 people. 
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