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Hey ladies! I already have all of my vendors, but a friend of mine is recently engaged and on a tight budget. She's looking for some budget friendly vendors in the Omaha area. Venue, catering, photography, florists, cake, she needs it all. My wedding is in Fremont, so lots of my vendors are from there and I don't know of a ton of them in Omaha. Can you ladies help us out with suggestions? Thanks so much!

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    It depends how budget friendly.  Is she thinking like VFW/Firehall type thing?

    She should look into catering and venue at the same time as those really depend on each other.  Some places to consider are Fountains Ballroom, Anthony's Steakhouse, Elkhorn Ridge (I think), Legacy Hall, and Scoular Ballroom wasn't too bad.  Eddie's Catering has some social halls and their catering was more reasonable.

    Photography she could ask local colleges or Craig's list if she is willing to risk a newer photographer.  Or, Iconic Photography.comes to mind.

    Florists she should start with Mulhalls and HyVee.  I did my own to save money so she could think about that, too.

    Cake: Diane Severson or Linda Tillis

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    Our photographer is very budget friendly. She's really new at this, but her pictures are good. She gives you a disk of all originals and edits. Though, she doesn't have "real" photo editing software.  She uses Picasa.  I have a version of photoshop, so the editing thing doesn't bother me. We are her first wedding, so we hope it will go well. She has a lot of ideas and enthusiasm.
    $450 for 6 hours and $750 for all day. She'll probablly be flexible since she's not got a lot of wedding under her belt.

    I think our engagement photos were really good. Hopefully the wedding ones will be too.
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    I am really thrilled with my photographer.  She is wonderful, flexible and easy to work with, and very affordable, and has a wonderful eye.  If your friend doesn't want the boring standard posed stuff, this is her photographer.  She seems to really have a good sense of who you are and reads your requests very well.  We just love her.

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    She is in Omaha, but I know she won't mind comingout to Fremont or Lincoln.


    PS  I agree with the other ladies regarding flowers.  HyVee does a wonderful job for the money, and is much more reasonable.
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    Bel Air Banquet Room - 120th Center. They do the catering, the alcohol, room set up and clean up and the cake - all for one fee.

    Photography - Christine McGuigan Photography. She's affordable and her work is creative.

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    Another huge help in the budget department is choosing to have a wedding on a Friday night instead of a Saturday. Our venue (which includes catering) was half price just because of the day. Another thing I'm doing is lots of DIY. There's absolutely tons of affordable and easy decorating options on blogs all over the internet. And if you're careful and crafty, it doesn't look cheap either.
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    If she isn't tied to a specific date, have her look at a Saturday January through March. A lot of venues will give a discount during non-peak season.
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