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No dancing at the reception?

We are having our wedding ceremony at noon at church and then a full cocktail hour/luncheon afternoon reception.  I am leaning towards having music as only the background without the usual dance party.  Timing wise and venue wise it seems the right way to go but my fiance and my kids are arguing that it will be "boring" without it.  I'm afraid they might be right but really don't want to have a full out dance blow out for the one hour we have available for that.  What else could we do?  And we are having an after party at our home in the evening where I will be happy to be dancing the night away.  Thoughts? Suggestions?

Re: No dancing at the reception?

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    Why not compromise? does the place you are having your cocktail hour/luncheon equipped to have people dance?  I wouldn't suggest everyone get out there and do the Electic Slide or anything, but perhaps the manager would allow some moving around to allow if someone wants to cut a rug.
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    Are you having speeches and stuff at the luncheon reception? Are you serving lots of alcohol creating a party-type atmosphere?

    To me I think it's a bit silly to have a dance/party at this type of reception unless you are planning on having it run into the evening or something. It would just feel kind of off to me to do this in the afternoon, but perhaps it's the norm for some groups.

    It would definitely be my preference that the afternoon reception be more casual and the one at your home later be the fun/dancing one where there's no restrictions on time and that sort of thing.

    I wouldn't worry about it being boring, I know I love the chance to catch up with friends and family at receptions and what you're hosting sounds like the perfect opportunity to do so.
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    I agree with Sloane...I think it would be a little silly to do the dancing at the reception, specifically with the limited amount of time and the type of atmosphere.  I'm having a reception in a public restaurant so there definitely won't be any dancing, until, like you said, later at night at a party in my home or out and about with my FI and a group of friends. :)  
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    I think you should reserve the dancing for the after party, as you had already planned.  An hour goes by quickly, and with everyone visiting and having a good time I doubt it will be boring.
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    If you invited people out to lunch, would they consider that "boring"?  If not, your reception isn't going to be boring, either.  The primary activity at weddings is catching up with friends and relatives you may not have seen for a while, and people can still do that.
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    If you will have a after party where there be dancing and drinks than it should be okay. Just make sure that reception doesnt have the feel of lets get down and boggie. If it does make some changes. Set the tone to be relax, and simple and let your guest know of the after party.
    Have fun!!
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    We are getting married and having a Italian lunch (buffet style) at our fav. Italian restaurant w/ only 50 guest, our closest friends and immediate families.  There will be no dancing just great food/great company and hopefully lots of laughing and conversing.  I wouldn't change a thing.  Don't worry about it, do what YOU want and everyone will love it. 
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