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Where to begin??!!

I'm just looking for some tips on just being able to have wedding ideas. As a little girl I didn't think about that stuff too much and I'm finding now that I don't even know where to begin. I don't know what my wedding style is besides I'm having a hard time just envisioning ideas. Any suggestions in beginning wedding ideas??

BTW: I'm not even officially engaged yet (Tongue out) but I'm feeling overwhelmed already that I have no ideas...

Re: Where to begin??!!

  • asimpson927asimpson927 member
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    Oh forgot to mention...what is throwing me off a bit is that my soon-to-be fiance wants to tie in Irish tradition (i.e. all grooms men will be in kilts...). I've googled what the pattern for the Irish Natinal Tartan is and the colors just aren't really where I was starting to go. Do I have to coordinate around the kilts or not??
  • sctfrk1314sctfrk1314 member
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    The Irish kilt comes in more than one color! Check out the Wikipedia article for more info:

    I would just start thinking about weddings you've gone to, what you've liked/not liked, colors, any music you love, things in your relationship you'd like to highlight, etc. Start collecting photos and such in an inspiration folder but don't start hard planning until it's official. 
  • asimpson927asimpson927 member
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    Yea I know there are more colors/patterns for kilts than I think I'd ever have time to look through (lol) but he has decided he wants the Irish National Tartan. If I could change his mind I would but he's had his mind made up since before he met me haha.
    Thank you for the inspiration folder idea. I started a scratch list of things I would like and little ideas as they come up just in case I might be able to work off of one later on. But yes, I know there isn't much I can do without it being 'official' but I was getting nervous that I couldn't even pick colors.

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    It is overwhelming at first because the wedding world makes it so.  Just do everything in small steps.  As for the colors look places other than wedding mags for ideas, look at gardening and home decorating books for interesting color combinations.  What colors were you leaning towards?  Maybe you can find different hues that will compliment the kilts more. 

    And this is obvious, but you might feel a bit overwhelmed because you aren't official yet.  (I've been part of the waiting game before) A lot of the pressure is off once it is not if's but when's.  GL!
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    I can give you some ideas on colors if I could see the pattern. the one I looked up had a dozen names on it...the colors also depend on when you would get married too.


    Is it the 'Irish National' one?
  • nrotella1nrotella1 member
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    Navy blue is a beautiful bridesmaid color. and it looks great on all skins tones. you could throw some green in there with your flowers!
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    The men in my wedding will be wearing kilts as well, and I don't think ANY kilt colors match our wedding colors, but I am just not going to stress about it too much and try to coordinate as much as possible. I can understand why your fiance would want to stick with the Irish national, as the majority of other tartans readily available for rent are Scottish tartans. Don't worry, regardless of what your wedding colors are they will all look dashing in their kilts!

    I think the best way to begin "planning" is to just start looking through websites for ideas and inspiration. I was not one to imagine my dream wedding since I was little either, but I have been collecting pictures, etc for a while now and had at least a vague idea of what I wanted when my fiance finally did propose. The hardest part for us was finding our perfect venue, so I would suggest starting to get recomendations and searching for a location as part of your pre-engagement planning as well. Venues book up so fast you want to be able to move pretty quickly after you become engaged. Good luck!
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