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Re: Open Letter Tuesday

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    Dear Other Driver,
      Pro-tip, you cannot (or well, should not) make a left hand turn from the center lane.  It is even less possible to do so when there is a car - namely my car - in the left hand lane next to you. Attempting to do so will land you in a car accident, as you are now well aware of.  

      You enjoy explaining to your mom and/or Dad why your car now lacks a headlight (and how it got run over) while I "enjoy" the pains of a bad back and other bad body parts being jostled because of your stupidity and lack of awareness because you were (morethanlikely) on the phone while driving.

    </3 Liz

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    We sure do have our share of idiot drivers around in these parts.

    Dear Cousin who promised to help with wedding invitations:

    You are fired.  (Please refer to my much nicer email that is also firing you from your duties)  I cannot wait until you feel like it's the right time for you to help, and I should have declined your help from the start.  I'm happy with my decision to order them and spend the $$ I would have saved by DIYing with you.  It's one less headache on my overcrowded plate.  We're family, so I love you, but you kind of stink when it comes to deadlines and being on time.

    And while I'm at it:

    Dear Husband to be:

    It's a good thing you aren't a professional poker player because you suck at bluffing.  Yes, I know you didn't forget my birthday, and I am sure that you are up to something.  But it's fun to watch you pretend that you don't know what day it is.  :)
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    Dear Inconsiderate Boss,

    I would appreciate it if you gave me the same options that you gave the person who I took over for. Why is it ok for her to work 4 10's because she was in school so she could have Friday to "study" but it's something you "have to think about" for me to request to work 4 10's so that I can take my step dad to his radiation treatments 1 day a week to help alleviate some stress from my mom. Or because I live 45 minutes away and have to sit in traffic every day. Yes it is my choice to live in Edmonds and work in Seattle (although not really because you don't pay me enough to live in Seattle). The only VALID argument I heard was you need to have someone in the office on Friday's. Ok, well there is 1 girl and a part time girl in the office Friday. Your argument is that what if that 1 full time person is sick and the part time person runs out of work???? Well if that ever happens (which is yet to happen in a year and half) I will come in. But still you have to think about it. Fine, whatever. Be unfair and not give the same opportunity's to all of your employees.

    Ahhhh.....sorry about that. Hopefully she says yes but I seriously think she is going to say no. Urg, and it's only Tuesday.
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    Dear Crazy mother,
    I certainly don't appreciate you telling me that you are planning to get divorced but want me to keep it a secret from my other siblings and parent until you have found a new job. The timing is certainly perfect and I am sure your divorce plans will not make the wedding awkward and/or painful to anyone who will be attending.

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