Wedding Gown Rentals in Portland?

I don't have the biggest budget to spend on the dress, but I still want something gorgeous. I wouldn't mind at all if I rented one, especially since I will only wear it for a few hours.This way I can wear the dress of my dreams rather than settle for a simple dress off the rack. I have tried googling, but am not having any luck finding any places in the Porltand/Vancouver area to rent a wedding gown. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Re: Wedding Gown Rentals in Portland?

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    I was wanting to look into this as well, but couldn't find anything in the area. Hopefully you'll have better luck! I thought about looking in Seattle as well, it's only a 3 hour drive adn they are SO much more likely to have something like that.
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    I saw someone advertise gown rental in craigslist a few times, but it didn't look like a professional business.  What might be cheaper is buying a dress from the Brides Against Breast Cancer warehouse, where all the dresses are $99. I think the person to contact is [email protected].
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    I got my dress off the rack... it's beautiful and didn't cost a fortune..

    got it at beautiful brides for less in vancouver.

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    I found one place in Vancouver that sells as well as rents wedding dresses! THE HOSTESS HOUSE. come in various sizes and styles i am told.
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