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Hey all,

FI and I are getting married in his parents' backyard. We are now trying to figure out how to decorate the aisle. These are the type of chairs we're getting due to budget constraints, so we can't hang things from them like typically pictured (if you have an easier suggestion, we'd love to hear it...

We can't afford to rent/buy shepards hooks, which would have been my next choice, so I'm trying to come up with something easy and not time consuming as I am trying not to committ myself to another DIY project to stress over. We are also really low on budget. As far as the alter decoration, we are renting latice panels and likley draping blue tulle across the tops.

Any suggestions for the aisle? Wedding colors are royal blue and orange, flowers are orange gerbera daisies, and we're doing a very subtle "hidden mickey" disney theme....

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Re: Backyard Wedding Aisle Decorations

  • We sprinkled flower petals on the edges of the aisle.  It looked really cool.   You wouldn't have to do gerbera daisys, you could use any white flower petal.
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    Flower petals along the aisle.  Beautiful.


    We even did a variation of it!

    EDIT: I recommend www.petalgarden.com for buying rose petals!  They have both freeze-dried petals and silk in a multitude of colors.  We used the silk ivory ones.  They also have an area that tells you how many petals to buy per what area you want to cover at what density of petals.  Good luck!
  • We used that chair style for our ceremony. We draped tulle and tied it to the chairs and just put a pew bow on every third or fourth chair. It looked very pretty.
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    [QUOTE]We used that chair style for our ceremony. We draped tulle and tied it to the chairs and just put a pew bow on every third or fourth chair. It looked very pretty.
    Posted by cmgilpin[/QUOTE]

    Could I see pics? I'd thought about adding the tulle to the chairs too but I'm not sure how to do that...
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    Here you go. Hope this helps.  We decided not to do anything really elaborate, since these were being used only for the ceremony and we didn't want to spend a lot of "setup" time on these.  But, I think it looked pretty without over-emphasizing the simple chairs.

  • Im not sure why TK won't let me add two photos to my above post, but here is one more so you can sort of see how the aisle looked.  We had an outdoor aisle runner also, because I wanted to wear my heels without sinking through. 

  • cmg, your ceremony looks super pretty!

    OP, we used those same chairs as well, but didn't do anything special along the aisle. We were on a budget, and I wanted my decorating efforts more up front and in the reception space.

    I really like the flower petals. If you got real ones and the venue didn't mind(ours didn't) you might not even need to clean them up since they are biodegradable.

    Or maybe you could make little mason jar lanterns to line the aisle with. I made 24 for the path to the reception, and they cost right around $20 total and took maybe 45 minutes.

    ETA: Oops! just noticed you didn't want DIY. Flower petals seem like the best option.
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  • PS.  flower petals aren't always allowed at all venues.  Even real ones.  We were using a regional park, and the park's district doesnt' allow any petals of any kind because it messes with the natural ecosystem.  So, if you do decide to go with petals, make sure you clear it with the venue.
  • Its my FILs backyard, so I'd rather not leave piles of flower petals around their yard for however long it takes them to disappear or get mowed up with the lawn. I'll hve to price what that would run me, as I do like the look of the petals...would that be weird though, since the petals are usualy rose ones and there are no roses in our wedding?

    I like the mason jars, and would do DIY if it was something I loved and could afford, but I'm trying desperately not to overcommitt like so many brides I've seen on these boards.
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    If you just line the aisle with them, I betcha they can be easily raked up after the ceremony.  No, you may not get *every* single one, but you'll get most of them. 

    I know you don't want DIY, but I actually attached our rose petals to 4 inch wide white ribbon.  We couldn't have anything that would blow away in the wind at our ceremony and it was in Bermuda so I couldn't bring anything bulky with me.  I found someone selling them and my god they wanted a lot of money so I made them myself.  Easy peasy.

    What about lining the aisle with small stones (ignore the other stuff in the pic)?

    Or colored leaves?

    Or lemons/pumpkins?

    EDIT: You also don't have to line the aisle if you don't want to.  You could just toss some leaves or rose petals across it instead.  Less to clean up!  Like this:

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    I recently went to a wedding where the bride lined her aisle with paper parasols tipped on their sides and facing the aisle.  It looked really nice, and people were able to  use the parasols after the ceremony to ward off the sun during the outdoor reception.  The bride was a total nasty ...... hrm... ok won't go there.  But I'm a big enough person to admit it was an awesome idea :P

    Here's a pic I found online of something similar.

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  • I love this website for cute bridal party gifts. THey do all customized glass.  Toasting flutes, wine glasses, rednecks, bridal party gifts, centerpieces, sand ceremony and the list goes on- all personalized and not to pricey.

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