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NWR-stupid pet question

FSIL was here a few weeks ago and made a comment about how much our cat seems to be scratching at his neck, and doing that bitey scratch at the base of his tail. I got and gave him some flea medication (Advantage 2) JIC. Since then I've been checking with a flea comb and have found nothing. But I'm paranoid now that he still seems to be scratching a lot. I never noticed it unil FSIL said something. Should I let it go to he's just itchy or should I be concerned enough to take him to the vet? He's an indoor cat btw though he loves to sit in the window sill when we have it open.
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Re: NWR-stupid pet question

  • Your cat could be allergic to pollen - my cat is allergic to a lot of things.  And since pollen seems to gather in the window sills, it could be making him itchy.  You may want to try wiping down the sill and the bottom part of the screen, and seeing if that makes a difference.
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  • sometime cats just itch. if you dont see anything, i would just chalk it up to the cat had an itch to scratch. unless your cat is losing fur in that area or has red bumps/scabs in that space I wouldnt worry about taking the cat to the vet. the vet will cost you money to tell you there is nothing wrong with your car.
    I was worried when i noticed my cat shakes his head a lot, which should indicate he has an ear infection or ear mites, had him checked and he has neither, he just likes to shake his head.
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  • I would take him to the vet. J&K's cat had a similar problem and it turned out to be something neurological.
  • I agree with achiduck, I would call your vet.  They can tell you if it's worth bringing him in or not.  And honestly, I think a vet trip is worth the piece of mind even if it turns out to be nothing serious. 

  • It wouldnt hurt to at least call the vet for sure. My cat itches around his neck where his collar is, but its because he gets dry if its been on for a while. 

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  • my dog is constantly licking her paws <yes like a cat> and i was conserned but its just allergies... she sneezes alot too!
  • I would recommend a trip to the vet. 

    But, if the cat had some fleas before that are now gone, he could easily still have some irritation from the previous flea bites.  It takes a while for that to go away even once the fleas are gone especially if he had an allergy to the flea bites. I had a similar problem with one of my dogs and the vet said it could take 3 or 4 weeks for her to feel better.

    If its an allergy, it can be environmental, or you may also want to take a look at the cat's food.  Food allergies are the cause of lots of skin problems in pets.  Most common problem ingredients are corn or wheat, so if you see that in the food, you may want to switch to a different brand to see if that helps.  

    I hope your kitty is ok!!

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  • My cat did that and was pulling the furr out at the base of her tail. It turns out she had worms which even indoor cats can get through fleas. I would take your kitty to the vet and have it checked for worms.
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  • Thanks for the tips ladies. There aren't any patches of hair loss. I would have noticed that and gotten him to the vet quickly.  I may wipe down the window sill with some kind of vinegar solution. Good thought about pointing out the food. I checked the ingredient label (Earthborn Holistic) and there is no corn or wheat (or corn/wheat meal) at all. I'm kind of hoping its just b/c he's shedding. I'd really rather not have to take him to the vet. I love them and they take really good care of the animals in their care, but they're pretty expensive. I started going to them b/c one of the Dr.s in the practice was a girl I graduated HS with and she was "our" vet. She's moved out of state now though.
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  • Earthborn is good food!  You might take a look at the store you buy that food and see if they can suggest anything.  Maybe some kind of cleansing, conditioning or calming wipes you can use on the cats fur. 

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  • He hasn't really scratched since right before my OP so I'm beginning to think I'm just paranoid about it. Yay! (never thought I'd be glad for a little paranoia)
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  • I took my boxer in for similar reasons.  Our vet said it was most likely alleriges and even suggested putting fish oil in her food.

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  • I would give your vet a call just to double, triple check your kitty is okay. I am always paranoid...my vet probably loves me. lol

  • My dog was doing the same thing, it turned out to be hot spots related to a wheat allergy. If your kitty has the same thing, use bactene on any sensitive areas, helps clear it up right away and not toxic if they lick at it.
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