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Hi Ladies,

I am doing a heavy hor'dourves reception in the evening.  My fiance and I are pretty picky people and we basically chose the foods that we love and offered many options for our guests.  Along with that we would like to add some type of action station.  We are looking for something different besides the pasta station that we originally chose.  We are already having a sirloin beef carving station.  We are leaving for Hawaii the following morning and I thought something with a kind of Hawain touch would be nice.  Any suggestions?

Re: Action Stations

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    We are having a quesadilla station during our cocktail hour and we are really excited about it!  Does your caterer offer any stations?  I would ask them for suggestions.
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    I can't think of anything Hawai'in right now, but what about a savory crepes station?  I think the crepes would be premade, and then the station would be picking fillings and then the attendant would cook them in the crepe.  

  • tseguintseguin member
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    Personnally, I don't think I could eat what I am suggesting and I am not sure how your guests or you and your FI would feel, but I have heard of people having pig. I found this quote:

    "Most people think of pig as the most common meat hunted and eaten in Hawaii. It is true that lau lau and kalua pig steamed in an underground oven, called an imu, are definitely traditional hawaiian foods that are still quite popular today"

    I'm not sure if that is what you were thinking of something like that for your Hawain idea. It might at least help lead you in the right direction.
  • jerseydeviljerseydevil member
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    Maybe have some tropical fruits and macadamia nuts?

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    I got married in Hawaii. =) Which island are you honeymooning on?

    You could do kalua pork, but that's pretty messy. If you want something that's more in the style of Hawaiian regional cuisine, think Pacific Rim flavours. Seafood is huge there, as are tropical fruits. You could do a sushi bar, or a grilling station with a ton of different skewers (yakitori, coconut chicken, guava glazed pork, lemongrass beef), or for something really casual, a station with a bunch of different tropical salsas.

    There's a copy of my menu in my bio, if you want more inspiration. We chose our caterers because we wanted the food to be local and in the style of Hawaiian regional cuisine. We ended up hiring the folks at the Haili'imale General Store on Maui, which I HIGHLY recommend eating at if you're going there. Some of the best food on the island.
  • brooks55brooks55 member
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    Why don't you do a polynesian/asian station...chicken and beef skewers with a teriyaki pineapple glaze, a sushi setup or chef rolling sushi, maybe some egg rolls, or dumplings (maybe have the chef frying potsticker dumplings), fruit skewers of pineapple and maraschino? cherries
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    OK, these aren't hawaiian, but I've seen these stations and they were crazy popular:

    A mac and cheese station - start with basic mac and cheese and have add-ins like chorizo, green onion, bacon and of course cut-up hot dogs

    A mashed potato station - mashed potatoes served in a martini glass with toppings like bacon, cheese, garlic, sour cream, gravy etc.
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  • kpabda23kpabda23 member
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    You could have a kebab station - people build their kebabs and a server grills them on a tabletop or portable grilling station. (We were originally going to do this, but logistically it just wouldn't work for our venue)

    Stir-fry or mongolian bbq station - guests fill a bowl with veggies/protein/etc and it is stir-fried to order on a mongolian bbq or in woks.

    Hawaiian shaved ice - pick your topping syrups, fresh fruit, etc...

    A panini station would be awesome - build your own sandwich (or have several pre-designed selections)
  • Suzie31Suzie31 member
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    Really great ideas in the above posts!!

    I'm not familiar with Hawaiian dishes, but if you're looking for a carb station to go along with your carvery, one that hasn't been mentioned that I love is the risotto station. I've seen it in a big parmesan wheel, with the risotto inside, and the wheel is lit up, flames, and dies down, melting some of the cheese into the risotto, where it's mixed up and served, nice, warm and cheesy. 
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