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Rehearsal dinner invites

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner is not just for the wedding party and parents of bride/groom, but also for any out of town guests (or so I've heard). Most of fi's and my guests will be coming from out of town, and that puts the rehearsal dinner guest list to 87; this just does not seem realistic.
Is it ok to limit the rehearsal dinner to just parents and members of the wedding party? Or will that be a huge wedding faux pas?

Re: Rehearsal dinner invites

  • It is fine to just have WP members + SO's plus parents/siblings. We did that (plus grandparents and anyone involved with the wedding like ushers and readers). I think we had around 40 people total. Inviting OOT guests is a nice gesture but not at all required.

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  • It's perfectly fine (and usually expected) that the RD is just for the immediate families of the bride and groom and the wedding party and their dates.

    To cut back on cost and to not have 2 formal events 2 days in a row, we did a backyard rehearsal and had a Caribbean themed BBQ. It was much more relaxing than going to a fancy restaurant and my mom also invited the OOT guests that were family and the grandparents to attend as well. Much more cost effective and relaxing.
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