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North Carolina-Outer Banks


Is it true fireworks are illegal in the OBX? If so, does this include small things like sparklers, etc?

Re: Fireworks

  • Yes, they are illegal and they will issue a citation if they catch you.  Sparklers for weddings are ok.....but pleeeasssee make sure that no one lights them anywhere near the dune grass.  The dunes throughout obx are protected and no one is supposed to be walking on them and one would find themselves in major trouble with the law should the dune grass go up in flames. 

    Trust me, I have seen this happen firsthand.  Not that I was the one who set them on fire, but the neighbors did and it wasn't a pretty site. 


  • Even a sparkler will get you a ticket on Hatteras Island.
  • But they'll sell them to you all over the place!!!
  • There was a large fire in Corolla recently and they are checking all event homes even for sparklers! It is a 500 and up fine.... Not with it!
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