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Are you having ushers or greeters?

Re: Are you having ushers or greeters?

  • Nope.  We didn't see the need for them.
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  • We are not planning in either. We are having a smaller outside ceremony.
  • We aren't planning on having them. . . keeping the wedding party small and trying to be somewhat informal with seating and all. 
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  • We aren't having ushers, however we are marking off the seating for family. We went to a small wedding last year where there were no ushers and no seats marked. Everyone ended up milling around the chairs, waiting to make sure they weren't taking someone's seat. Some people were still standing (even with empty chairs) when the bride walked down the isle!
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  • We had 2 ushers that stood at the guest book table handing out bottled water and programs. Just depends on whether you feel like you need them or not. I felt like we did, so we did.
  • Im just making reserved signs for our parents and 2 siblings on my side (Thinking grandparents too)
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  • We are having ushers walk the guests from where the parking lot/reception is to where the ceremony is. It's not the easiest route and the venue does an okay job with signs but we figured this will make everyone's life easier.
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  • No ushers or greeters planned.
  • We had 3 Ushers.  They helped greet guests and get them from the front of the venue to the back terrace for the ceremony.  During the ceremony, they stayed in the back to seat any late-comers, and we did have a few.  One was the MC during the reception, and one helped me with a few things like moving a couple of flower centerpieces from the terrace back into the reception hall.
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  • 3 ushers.  125 guests need some guidance.  And my fiance had a few extra "great" friends after the 7 groomsmen.
  • We're having 3 ushers, not only because it will help to have someone handing out the programs and helping our 200 guests figure out where to sit....but also because I have a half brother and 2 stepbrothers that I'm pretty close with but FI isn't so it didn't make sense for him to include them as his groomsmen but we still wanted them to be feel special and be a part of the day besides just being guests.
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