Flowers & cake - recommendation on best deals?

Hi, fellow brides:My fiance, Jeff, and I are getting married 9/4/10 in Annapolis.  There are things we're willing to throw more $ into - reception site, honeymoon, etc. - and things we're willing to save on.  Flowers and cake.. we want them good, respectable, but don't need top of the line.  Can someone recommend the best blooms in the Nap/Balt area for the money?  Would love a tip on most affordable/good quality.  As for cake, what's a good quality/affordable bakery?  Want something fun, nontraditional maybe, but again, not where we want to put the big money.Thanks and Congrats!Nicole

Re: Flowers & cake - recommendation on best deals?

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    I posted this over on the Baltimore board but it may help you too!My cake will be from Miss Nancy's Fancy Bakery in Annapolis. The owner is so so nice and the cakes. are. amazing (and reasonably priced I've heard). I've had the vanilla cakes with vanilla buttercream frosting for my birthday cake ever since I was two--except this year--and regular cake is definitely spoiled for me! The frosting looks like fondant it is spread so evenly. I'm more of a classic design person so I'm happy with the details they do just with frosting. On the other hand, the artistry is amazing--I've had a variety of drawings on my cakes that they were able to do with ease. Plus, she makes a ridiculous chocolate mousse cake too--I'm dreading having to pick a flavor.Sorry to get a little fklempt, but these cakes are the best I've ever eaten. I called the day after I got engaged--which is why I don't know if the prices are competitive. I believe it's about $4/slice. Here's the website if you want to check the bakery out!>Good luck with all your planning! ~h
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    I'm using Kim Weir for my cake.  She is really talented and reasonably priced.  We are doing a dummy cake and having sheet cakes in the back.  One of the layers will be real so we can cut into it.  Her cake also tastes great.  Doing the sheet cake only costs us a $1.00 a slice.  Her email address is [email protected] and her website is  I didn't like the pictures of her cakes on the website, but she has plenty of pictures when you meet w/her, plus he has real examples of her work in her house.
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