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Food stations vs buffet opinion

I know I hate buffets because of the lines but does that happen with food stations? I know some people also think that buffet are cheap but I feel like stations are better because people get more diversity of food. I was just wondering what other people thought of them? Thanks

Re: Food stations vs buffet opinion

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    Stations can definitely alleviate lines.  

    At our wedding we had about 3 "clusters" with 3 stations at each cluster scattered throughout the venue.  We kept the stations open the entire time (our reception was only 3 hours); that's key.  Your guests should be able to start eating from the moment they arrive and continue for several hours.  This keeps lines down. People mingle, eat, mingle some more, go back for seconds, try another station, etc. 

    Make sure you have enough stations for your guest list that people will be able to spread out to try different things.  Keep the stations open a long time.  Avoid things like omelette/waffle/crepe stations where a single guest's portion takes a significant amount of time for the chef manning the station to prepare.

  • We are also having stations.  2 main stations and then a side station (mashed potato bar).  Our coordinator said that if we space them out there usually isn't a line.  I was also concerned about the food being refilled promptly.  If there are station attendants (we have a carving station and a stir fry), they will be able to make sure you don't run out of things.  I've been to buffets where it seems like you are always waiting for things to be refilled because no one is keeping an eye out.
  • I've been to weddings with stations and loved it so much, so that's what we're doing for ours.  There's usually a big variety of food, no lines, and some of the food is cooked fresh (like our fish will be grilled to order and the pasta will be tossed with the sauce and heated to order).  I'm hoping our wedding works in the way NOLA  described- that's what we're aiming for!

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  • I had never heard of stations until seeing it mentioned on the forums. Seems like a good idea. Everyone hates waiting in long lines. We're only having a dessert reception for 75 but I'm seriously considering how I might move the tables of desserts around to avoid lines. Or do you think I'm overreacting?
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