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Monday Check-In

I hope you all had fabulous weekends! Smile
OMH est. May 7, 2011
Photo courtesy of jennygg.com
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Re: Monday Check-In

  • It was a fabulous weekend!!
    Friday night FI and I had dinner with my mom and his parents to iron out any last minute details and get things squared away/delegated. That helped us see what still needs to be done and I feel much more relaxed now. 

    Saturday night my girls took me out for my bachelorette party. SO MUCH FUN!! I'll PIP below a pic or 2, people were coming up to me non stop to say congrats and buy me drinks. We danced the night away after bowling and a comedy show. I really enjoyed myself. 

    Yesterday, I DID NOT enjoy myself while I was at work with a hangover, but I survived and it was well worth it. 
    FI and I are now gearing up to run Warrior Dash 5k on Saturday in North Bend. This is our last weekend before the wedding on the 28th. Woo!!!

    Have a great week ladies!!

    Trash can and AMF that people bought me

     After a shot of patron

     Our bowling group

     Kind blury, but here is my outfit

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  • Looks like a great night MrsAshley.

    Spent the weekend running a bunch of errands, hiked little Si, and went to a friend's BBQ.   A nice relaxing weekend. 

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  • Mrs. Ashley:  You were such a cute bachelorette :)  I love the ensemble!
    OMH est. May 7, 2011
    Photo courtesy of jennygg.com
    My never updated Planning/Married Bio: http://mgoss228.weebly.com/
    Seattle Knotties: Please page me if you send me a PM!
  • Congrats MrsAshley! I also had my bachelorette party! It was SO amazing. We did a schoolgirl theme and my mother came as a NUN! It was hilarious and totally fun.  I think more people took random pictures with her than any of the rest of us combined and it was great! So glad she got to be involved in a way that she was comfortable with and she totally played it up! We enjoyed some hysterical games, awesome waterfront house then a limo to the club and back. Sunday was for recovery and I started my day with mimosas in the hot tub.  Could not have asked for a better time!! only 5 days till my wedding - woohoo!!! Its going to be a crazy busy week!
  • Thanks ladies!!

    Lady, your wedding is so close!! I still have 11 days to mine. How are you feeling with planning and such? Where are you going on your honeymoon, and when?
    lol, sorry for the 20 questions. Just getting to know my fellow knotties!!
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  • No Problem Mrs Ashley! I am so stoked right now it is hard to contain myself at work!!!! Plus I have a lot going on there (just got confirmation on a new job so giving my notice here today, AH!) But the planning is great, I feel on track right now!

    We are going to a cabin in the woods off of Hwy 2 near index for our "mini-moon" the wedding budget got out of hand so we had to cut out a real honeymoon for now.  But we are SO looking forward to a few very relaxing quiet days away!

    Where are you guys going? Having any freakout moments so close to your day?!
  • Lady, where do you live? I grew up in Monroe which isn't far from Index!!

    My fiance and I get married July 28th and leave for Cabo on the 31st. We know someone that owns a condo there, so we are getting a killer deal on it for the week. We can't wait!!
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  • MrsAshley, I live in Monroe! Just bought my house last year - that was part of the appeal of the cabin - somewhere close enough to home that if anything happened to our dogs we wouldnt be far away. The roommate should be fine with them but since we couldnt afford a big getaway we decided to keep it close to home.

    Congrats on Cabo! That sounds like a wonderful (and hot) time! Getting amped up for your wedding?!
  • Wow small world!! I am working part time at Ixtapa there, they all paid for my hotel for the weddign night at Tulalip!! Are you going to be at the next G2G?

    Yes, we are VERY EXCITED for the wedding and honeymoon. We are at 10 days today, so tomorrow in single digits, eek!! I usually hang out on my month board FB page but since I am July 28th, many of the other girls are all off on their honeymoons now so it has been slow over there. It is nice to know that I am SO CLOSE to joining the married club as well! 
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  • It is a very exciting time for all of us! I plan to be at the next G2G although the day before is my bday - so it will depend on what we end up planning.

    That was so nice of your crew to pay for your hotel! Tulalip is EXPENSIVE! I eat there every once in awhile! What a small world is right! LOL
  • It is a very small world!! Maybe Ill end up running into you while I am in Monroe sometime!! My fiance is a new personal trainer at the new gym there too lol!!

    Did you like the food at the casino? I've been a a concert there once, but never eaten or stayed in the resort. I am SUPER excited, and trying to decide what treats to pack and bring (wine, chocolate, lingerie!) 

    I hope you can go to the G2G. Would be fun to meet someone that lives so close by!! I am going with another bride that just got married June 7th, I met her through the July 2012 board lol!!
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  • Maybe we will run into one another! LOL bet we have and didnt even realize it :P. I didnt get the chance to eat at the Tulalip bc I have so many dietary restrictions (gluten, high fat, high sugar, etc) but I have heard they have good food. I would definitely bring your own wine/booze bc that is expensive no matter where you go LOL.

    I am going to do my best to make it to the G2G, no reason at this point why I wouldn't be able to.

    Now lets keeps our fingers crossed that the weather forecast continues to be good for Saturday! Rehearsal dinner is tonight :)
  • Fingers crossed!!!
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