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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

What did they throw at you?

So...we are trying to decide between bubbles, petals, or both?

Any suggestions?

Re: What did they throw at you?

  • I would be very careful with bubbles. Depending on the kind, they may stain your dress. If you are not planning on using/donating/selling it after the wedding, then go for it. We didn't do anything because everything was in one place and after the reception, we just went upstairs to the bridal suite.
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  • We didn't have anything thrown bc we weren't allowed. We got married in a church and they had pretty strict rules. Our guests blew bubbles when we walked outside of church after the recessional. That was good enough for us.
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  • We did rose petals. Our venue was super strict. They only gave us 3 options: bubble, petals, or lavender.
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  • We didn't have anything thrown after the ceremony.  At the end of the reception though, we danced and everyone stood around us blowing bubbles.  It made a really cool picture.
  • We didn't have anything thrown at us.. we didn't want things thrown at us lol

  • Our ceremony venue also didn't allow anything to be thrown, etc but even if we had been, I agree with other people about not wanting to do that either. Cheers/clapping are good enough for me.

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  • We didn't have anything thrown after the ceremony because it was in a church and we also didn't even do an "exit".  However, we gave out rally towels for people to wave as we entered the reception.

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