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aruba exersions

my FI and i are going to aruba and staying at the occidental grande aug 16-23. i was wondering if there were any good things to book while we were there. and also if you book, do you go through your hotel or something else? thanks!

Re: aruba exersions

  • you can email your resort and see if they can send you a list of excursions that they can book for you. you can also go to the library or bookstore and pick up a book or 2 about the island and see if anything interests you.


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    Check out Ducth windmill and go shopping in the capital Oranjestad - it's so pretty.
  • We booked our hotel the RIU thru Expedia.com, they have all the excursions listed.  We are def. doing the WW2 snorket trip, renting the jeep for the jeep excursion and eating at 2 famous restaurants...
  • Oh, all my friends said to do this also... http://www.kukookunuku.com/
  • We are going to Aruba for our honeymoon and staying at the Marriott *sister works for them and got us a roomfor $100 a night)....I have bee before but my FI has not.  This was our plan.....

    1. half day jeep tour using ABC tours  (we researched the reviews for themand DePalms and felt a better deal was through them....doing he baby beach/ 1/2 day tour that way we get snorkeling in)

    2. Sunset cruise (most likely using RedSail....still between them or DePalms)

    3. Horseback riding on the beach (FI wants his but I think it will be too hot to wear pants for the day)

    4. Parasailing (can be done from the huts set up on the beach)

    5. Shopping downtown.

    6. DInner on the beach.....going to The Old Man and the Sea (I just don' like the ost of the taxi ride but I will get over it).

    A great place to get ideas is the Aruba Forum board on tripadvisor.com   Any questions you have, there is someone on there to answer it honestly.  GL
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  • FI and I rented a car and drove around the whole Island. We brought our own snorkel gear so we stopped at Baby Beach to snorkel (amazing!) and it's super safe so we left our clothes and car key onshore. We also did the Jolly Pirate which was a lot of fun too! We kept the car for 3 days and one of the days we went to the Flying Fishbone for dinner (a must go to restaurant, ask for a table in the water). It's a good idea to rent a car because Baby Beach and The Flying Fishbone are on the opposite end of the island, which will cost you a lot in taxi fare. We stayed at Bucuti and booked everything through them.
  • DH and I did the DePalm Sunset Cruise and Dinner.  IT was AMAZING.  They took you out to their private island and  you got dinner on the beach!  Very yummy and very romantic!  And free booze the whole time!
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  • We just went to Aruba a few months ago and loved it!  We were only there 3 days so we didn't have time for this, but I looked into booking a snorkel trip with this company:


    They had great reviews on Tripadvisor and it seemed like a nice, relaxing ride.

    We ate at some fabulous restaurants, which I highly recommend.  You can make reservations online beforehand, or have your hotel concierge do it.
    Madame Janette's (in a neighborhood kind of near the hotel area)
    Mirandi (on the water, perfect for a sunset dinner)
    Gostoso's (downtown, more of a locals place)

    We rented a car the whole time.  It makes it much easier to get around.  If you rent a four-wheel drive you can do some awesome off-roading on the east coast.  We just rented a regular car, and we could still drive to the ruins and the natural bridge, but we couldn't do the off-roading.

    Have fun!
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