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October 2012 Weddings

QOTD 12/11

Not to freak anyone out, but Christmas is exactly 2 weeks away.  I am super excited to spend another Christmas with DH.  Our normal Christmas routine is get up at about 8 and open presents...stockings first.  Then we head to MIL's and then to my parents.  I don't think that it will change too much this year although we may flip which set of parents we go to first.  All in all I am sure it will be a great day.

What are your plans for Christmas this year?  Do they change from year to year?

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Re: QOTD 12/11

  • H has volunteered us to host Christmas dinner this year. So I will be putting in the turkey before I leave for work at 7am and H will baste it until I come home at 10am. Then I will spend the day making veggies and whatnot and setting the table. Both families will be joining us so I will be cooking for 12. Usually after work we would go and spend the day with my parents. His family Christmas is always on the 26th at his aunt's house. We will still be going to that.
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  • Dec 23 - Party with friends
    Dec 24 - Host my immediate family for dinner
    Dec 25 - Morning with FIL and SM, Afternoon/evening with MIL and H's immediate family.
    Dec 26 - Time for us
    Dec 27 - Spa day. Time for ME!
    Dec 28-  Party with H's friends.
  • On my side of the family, we always celebrate Christmas at midnight, so we do Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  I bravely offered to host it at our house this year and we are expecting around 35 people.  I'm a little freaked out, but it's only about 10 more people than usual, so I think it will all work out ok.  We are making Menudo (Mexican soup) and Bunelos (Mexican dessert), which are dishes that aren't made very often due to the amount of time it takes.  Everyone is really looking forward to it!

    On the 25th, everyone usually just stays home with their immediate families so that the younger kids can still open presents from Santa and recover from the long night before.  We were going to drive up to Dallas, but H has changed his mind and wants to stay at home instead.  I also may have to work the rest of the week if we are busy enough.
  • Christmas is a huge deal for both our families, and there are multiple celebrations every year. This year we're going to a Christmas party at a family friend's on the 23rd...this is the family of one of my bridesmaids, who I've literally known my whole life because my mother was her babysitter when we were babies. H's family does Christmas on the 24th; according to them it's a Danish tradition? But it makes life easier when it comes to deciding where we go when, so I'm not questioning it! So we're spending the day with H's parents and siblings on Christmas Eve, doing dinner and exchanging gifts. Then we're going to my parents' for the same thing on the 25th. My sister lives in California and unfortunately couldn't get the time off work to fly out for Christmas. But the good news is, she's coming the weekend after, so we're having another family gathering then to celebrate with her. Since she's flying into the airport in my city, everyone is meeting at my place. I am MAJORLY excited for this because it's the first family gathering I've gotten to host. Time to use all the new dishes and kitchen gizmos from the wedding registry!
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  • I am going to miss not being with my parents at Christmas this year...
    but we have my son (he is with me on even years with his father on odd years)
    So we are staying home... going to open presents around 8-9 am Christmas morning. (he is 12 1/2 and no longer believes, his older sister told him GRRR lol)

    Going to go see the inlaws for supper around 5 pm...

    We head into Montreal (2 1/2 hours away) to visit my mom/brother/sil on the  29th for our Christmas with them... staying in town that night then the 30th with My dad and his wife... coming back the evening of the 30th... and getting ready for Zorros 1st birthday on Jan 1st :P (our dog) making him a peanutbutter apple cupcake :P

    The afternoon of the 1st we are going to DH's Grandma's for a family get together for xmas/New years... should be fun... I am making a Vegetable Tree as part of our pot luck supper... wish me luck :D

    and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all XOXO
  • This is our first Christmas together! We always said, "We'll deal with it when we're married." :)

    We're going up to his parents' lake house in the Lake George area of New York sometime in Christmas Eve, and we'll be there until the 26th. We'll drive to my parents' in North Carolina on the 27th.
  • Ours our usually the same so families can plan on us being there a certain time. We are doing christmas eve with my family since my family never celebrated too much. We're doing it at our house with my parents, so that should be fun. Christmas day we start out at his Dad's and share gifts with the family and then go have christmas lunch with his mom and stepdad. 

    We usually exchange the saturday before christmas, but I have some small things I'll give to him  christmas morning this year too.

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  • It will be my first Christmas not going back to Iowa and away from home.  I'm a little sad....but we have hubby's family and it will be nice not to be traveling for the holidays.

  • H's family celebrates Christmas Eve, so we're going to his parent's house.  They usually begin around 2 and eat streadily until about 10, but H just started a new job and is not sure if he has to work.  If he does have to work, we'll leave as soon as he gets home.

    My family celebrates on Christmas Day, so we'll be here for that.  It's my nephew's first Christmas, so I think we're going to my brother's house in the morning for gifts, but that hasn't been worked out yet.

    We have something every weekend day for the month of December, except on the 23rd, so we're lying to everyone and saying we have plans.  Our plan is to spend the day together doing nothing.  I can't wait!!
  • We will do the same as we have for the last 2 Christmas's.  His parents throw a family party on Christmas eve so after work we will both go there.  Since this is our first Christmas as a married couple and the first one in our new house I want to go back to our house after the party (45 min drive).  Christmas morning we will open our presents and then head down to my family on Long Island.  Busy two days but filled with family!
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  • We will do Christmas with my family the 22nd.  And leave the 23rd for NC.  We get his kids 24th-28th.  Then we will drive 60 miles to my mamaw's house to stay the night with her and leave the 29th to come back to MD.

    Next year we get the kids for Thanksgiving, and the day after Christmas for the week.
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