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What places have you all rented from with good experience (or bad). The ones I've been looking at are Sperry (expensive, and just tents), Marshall (someone said they had a $600 DELIVERY charge), and Party Plus. I'm on a very tight budget, and would like to do something at my parents' house in York. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated!!!

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    My mom has been in touch with Party Plus about renting stemware. I haven't talked to them, but she said they were very nice and helpful on the phone, and mailed out information and a price quote the very next day. That's all the two cents I have!
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    We are going with Exeter Rental as they priced close to Party Plus -but we got a little bit of a discount working thourgh our cateres Silver Tureen.
    We needed a 20x60 tent, and Exeter could accommodate that with one tent, where Party Plus would have had to jerry-riiged 2 tents together.
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    I think we're going with Taylor Rental for our tent (I know they're in Brunswick but don't know if they have any other locations) - they were at least 1/6 of the price of Sperry - definitely not as beautiful but fit much better in our budget.
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