Doubletree Old Market and Bridesmaid dresses

Hello everyone...I need advice really really bad!! My wedding is July 3 at St. Leo's and the reception is at the Doubletree Old Market...well they emailed me about 2 or 3 weeks ago telling me that they are renovating the grand ballroom.  At first I was nervous, but then I was like well I am sure that it will be just fine.  I called them and they said I could come down and see the changes they are planning on making.....well I went and I am NOT happy.  The ballroom that I booked was just very classic with beautiful chandeliers.  Now they are making it look, well I think modern.  They are getting rid of the chandeliers putting up modern spiral lights.  They told me the colors were going to be very nautral but the walls are going to have tan and sage (very pale green) wallpaper...well the bridesmaid dresses and color of the wedding is like a turqoise and silver, that is going to clash terribly.  I am not the kind of person to get angry with people, and I know that it is not the hotels fault, but I am going to have to spend way more on decor to make the room not clash with everything that I  planned to in order to make it look decent.  Some of my friends say I should have them pay for the extra charges, but I do NOT want to come across as rude.  It probably isn't too big of a deal, but what would you do? Just deal with it, or have a chat with Doubletree?  The coordinator I was working with at Doubletree recently moved, so now I have no coordinator there at all  : ( It is too late to change venue's but everything is falling apart. 

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    I am also having my reception at the Double Tree downtown later this year.  When I started my planning, I was working with Jessica.  I was not very impressed with the person I signed my contract with, however, they DID tell me about the renovation when I signed my contract in December.  I TOTALLY understand why you are upset...hard to decorate for one type of room and find your working with something completely different.  I received an email yesterday with "new" contact information for someone to work with down there....Lauren Knudsen 636-4912.  I would sincerely voice my dissatisfaction, its your day and having to stress over this is not fair!   Hope that contact info helps! 
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    Thanks for the information, I booked it in August, and they didn't say anything, so maybe they were in the final stages of planning it in August. Yeah I worked with Jessica too before she left.  Hopefully I will recieve an email by the end of the week as well.  Thanks again!

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    If you makes you feel better, I don't think people will really notice if your wedding colors will clash with the room wallpaper.  When is the renovation supposed to be done?  If it's not too long, I'd just wait until it's done and go check it out.  If you keep your linens and things neutral or in the silver family, I think you wouldn't have to change too much.  Sounds like there is a new coordinator so just talk it over with her.

    If you want to see if you can get your deposit back and reschedule, I had my reception in Scoular Ballroom which has a classic look.  Not sure if they are available on July 3rd, though.

    It will work out and your day will still be wonderful! 
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    I can understand why you'd be upset with the change from classic to modern, but don't get stressed about the wallpaper vs. the bridesmaid dresses. Nobody will notice something like that. I do think you're justified in being upset about not being told about the renovations ahead of time though.

    Just let them know your concerns and see what they can do for you. Maybe they can cut your price slightly or something. It doesn't hurt to ask!
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    Thanks everyone...I am sure everything will turn out fine, but It helps to vent : )
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