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What time are you having your tea ceremony?

I am having a Vietnamese tea ceremony on Saturday, August 14, 2010, one year before the actual wedding.  We do have 3 professional vendors, a MUA, a photographer and a videographer, but the rest is DIY and will take place in my home.  What time would you recommend that it take place?  We're thinking of serving dinner.  And we are not a superstitious family.  Would you ladies recommend 2, 3, 4, or 5ish?  I'm having a hard time choosing!
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Re: What time are you having your tea ceremony?

  • jenandcrisjenandcris member
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    I guess it would depend on how big your families are/how many people you'll need to serve. If your families aren't large, then I would say the later the better.

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  • clearheavensclearheavens member
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    There's about 50 people total on both sides.  Is that considered large if it's taking place in my home?
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  • unplainjaneunplainjane member
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    if you are serving dinner then later would be better. like 4 or 5. i think it's fine to have it at your house with 50 people. that is if you can fit and serve dinner to 50 people in your house then go for it.
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    I think 5ish is a good start time. You can do the ceremony in the beginning and invite everyone to eat afterward.
  • trisha_nybntrisha_nybn member
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    The tea ceremony should be done in the morning, in both homes (yours and your FI's) with family members and close friends.
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