Good place for INDOOR photography? (Portland)

My fiance & I need to get some engagement pictures taken soon to be used in our invitations, reception, etc... We would have liked to have them taken outside to get some good lighting. However, this being November (nearing December now) in Oregon, that's not very likely... Wayyy too cold & rainy :(

I was hoping someone out there might have some suggestions to where we could go to get some great INDOOR pictures taken in the Portland area that has good lighting, and hopefully not have too pay much (if anything) to use the place.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks :)

Re: Good place for INDOOR photography? (Portland)

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    Is there a public greenhouse in this town? (there's gotta be!) I photographed a family of 12 in a greenhouse during the winter up in Alaska. It was hard to tell there was 3 feet of snow outside with all the green inside. :] and much warmer climate too! Other ideas are fav coffee shops or antique shops. Getting creative is key. And making sure there are no rules against photography in those places. (I saw at Macy's on the front door no photography)... So some people are against it. (see if crate and barrel or pottery barn downtown are ok, they got a great skylight on the second floor and super pretty deco!) Good luck! Ps ask your photographer, they would have some good ideas!
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    You might consider the downtown library. It's a really old building with a great staircase inside. I don't know if they allow pictures though.  You could also try the art museum, if they allow it.  And The Nines-they let people walk through their lobby without being guests, so they might let you take pictures. Think about your interests as a couple and try to find indoor locations where you would do those things.
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    A hotel or the library are great ideas. You could also think about the Park Blocks. While it's an outdoor location there are columns there where you are standing under and still have outside light coming in. Or just embrace the weather and have funky umbrellas.
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