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Paper Lanterns??

Our wedding is at a plantation house and grounds in October.  There is a built in bar underneath the house that is VERY dark.  I was thinking ab big paper lanterns to make the underside more inviting.  Has anyone ever used these? Any pros/cons?? Website recommendations?
Power outlets are very limited, so we would be using battery powered LED lights.
Thank you so much everyone!!!!Laughing

Re: Paper Lanterns??

  • I used paper lanterns at our reception. I have a tutorial on my other computer on how to make those LEDs if you're interested. I ordered mine from asianideas.com. GL!
  • How is a bar underneath a house? I assume that guests will be walking to this underneath bar. Is the reception on a different floor than the bar. Would paper lanterns fit into the decor of a plantation? How long is the battery power?
  • the battery operated ones dont tend to be very bright, unless you make your own leds by adding a bunch of bulbs together.

    we are contemplating stringing christmas lights, bunching them up inside the lanterns along the way. since you do have some power outlets, would this work.

    we figure plugging in a couple strands of lights to be easier to do than to turn them all on individually with battery operated lights. and more affordable because we have christmas lights in out christmas decor boxes.
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  • FutureMrsDudley,
    I would LOVE that tutorial! thanks!!

    That makes sense...i suppose i could put 3 bulbs in each lantern...or use the christmas lights, i just worry ab power outlets! Thank you so much for your advice!!
  • Great Ideas.. we're doing the same with the paper lanterns, stringing them between trees and in the tents. I'm getting mind from AsianIdeas.com as well.. Best prices I've found!
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  • Here are some real weddings where paper lanterns are used - http://my-wedding-concierge.com/Wedding-Trends/paper%20lanterns

  • We used paper lanterns and batter-powered LED lights in the lanterns.  They turned out very well.  I was very happy with the end product.
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