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Bridezilla Moments

So my friend and I are both getting married next year and we were both discussing Bridezilla moments! I never ever thought they would happen to us and we would poke fun at girls who would have "those moments" Well they did!

So I thought it would be fun to laugh them off! So maybe we can share one of our "Bridezilla moments"

Heres mine:

I wanted this particular photographer so much that I was willing to put the photographer before picking my venue or church! Well she ended up getting booked out from under me.
Well I flipped my lid and called my Dad (slightly blaming him  ok ok more than slightly because he told me I had to get a venue before the photographer) well he called me a bridezilla! I insisted I was going to call this photographer and say I was going to put a deposit down and this and that. He said 
"If a guy turns you down for a date, its not gonna matter where you said you would take him, He is still not going to go out with you."(or something along those lines.
So I laughed and found a better more reasonable photographer thanks to all the wonderful Toledo knotties!!!

Re: Bridezilla Moments

  • abigirl9abigirl9 member
    edited December 2011
    You were knotting while we were on the phone last night, weren't you? lol

    Anyway, CoCo knows my bridezilla moment, because it was last night and she was there. After spending an hour trying to decide between two bridesmaids dresses and colors and making a decision(whew!) the store wants me to decide whether my BM's get 10% off their gown(b/c I purchased mine there) and free pressing and storage and they only have to put half down when they order, or they can get 20% off their gown but they have to pay it all up front and no free pressing or storage. I went back to the room to discuss it with two of my BMs and I'm pretty sure they just wanted me to wait to make the decision and discuss it with the other girls, but I'm the kind of person that likes to make decisions and get them over with and I just felt like I was in opinion overload. So I got snippy and finally walked out of the room with them and even though we hadn't come to a conclusion I put the little piece of paper describing the policy on the counter and pointed to one and said "This one!". It was very dramatic and definitely bridezilla, especially since it doesn't even really affect me. I think the wedding planning process is slowly killing my patience, lol.
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  • edited December 2011
    I guess I got a little bridezilla two nights ago when FMIL called and said 4 people that RSVPed late were now planning on coming.  I had sent numbers in and with my new table arrangement had exactly 2 chairs left.  I told FMIL that these people will just have to hope some people don't show up.  She agreed to run interference and tell them that they have to wait for seats until everyone else is seated.  I'm sorry...if you can't check a line and send it in the pre-addressed & stamped envelope I provided you don't get my courtesy.

    I did get bridezilla a little when my sisters were in the initial stage of shower/bachelorette planning.  I didn't want the two events on the same day (I dedicated mulitple days to their wedding events).  I lost that battle Frown Shower and bachelorette were still fun!

    We'll see if anything manifests in the next 10 days....
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  • futuremrsabefuturemrsabe member
    edited December 2011
    When my fiance and I started the planning process I found the venue I wanted and calculated the total cost. I showed him everything I came up with and told him all my ideas and he didn't really say much about it. (Like a typical guy. lol.) So we moved on to picking the colors. I told him I wanted pink and green and he agreed. So I thought we were making quite a bit of progress. Well about 2 weeks later I brought up something about picking the groomsmen and thats when things hit a brick wall. (Also the same day we were supposed to take a tour of the venue which I was super excited about!) My fiance suddenly told me we couldn't afford the venue, he hated the colors, and that he wanted to stick to a $3000 budget. I literally had a huge breakdown about it and cried all day and missed the tour of the venue! lol I told him we might as well have a courthouse wedding and I would just buy a $3000 dress and that would be it for the budget. haha. After I calmed down and we talked about it we eventually worked things out and are back on track with the venue and such. I think it helped that he talked to one of his friends who had a wedding that cost $26,000. lol. So our $8000 budget doesn't seem so bad to him now. I did have to sacrifice the colors though =( so now it's pink and silver which isn't so bad.
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