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Catering Suggestions? Affordable prices?

Hi all, I need catering suggestions! I am looking at Hy-Vee and Affordable Catering, but I would love to get some quotes of other low-cost catering options. My budget is only about $2000 for 150 people, and I want to get the most bang for my buck! Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Re: Catering Suggestions? Affordable prices?

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    I think some local restaurants may fit in that budget...for example, some BBQ places could work and On the Border is fairly cheap. I bet other restaurants could cater for that budget. Good Luck!

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    We are using Affordable Elegance and our total was $2300 with the cake. AND they were really really good!
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    We are using Cupini's and I'm almost certain you could get some great options with that budget! I'm very excited about it - the site of our first date! They have been good to work with ...
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    I would also vote for BBQ but it really depends on your reception site and the formality. We are getting the full deal- BBQ dinner and all the sides, buffet style for $11pp. Try all the locals: Gates, OK Joe's. You may also want to consider pasta buffets they seem to be very affordable and well liked. 
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    Zarda BBQ does a great job and is very affordable and professional.
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    We are using Oklahoma Joe's. Their pricing is on their website. I think we are paying $9 pp so if you went with the same package that would be $1350.
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    HyVee starts at $6.99/per
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    I have been to a few weddings that used HyVee and I was always very impressed by them. And  a friend of mine just booked them for her wedding and she got a pretty good deal. I'm pretty sure you get discounts if you use them for other things (cake, floral)
    Good luck!!
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    I second the vote for affordable elegance! They were amazing! I wish we could have kept them as our caterer but we had to cancel due to money issues... they charged about $9.99 a person but their pricing is very subjective depending on what you're wanting, they can be cheaper or they can be more expensive. Give them a try though, Julie is absolutely wonderful! :)
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    a friend of mine used shining stars catering - deb (the owner) is incredible and will work with any budget.

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