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The tux

Did you go with your FI to pick out the tux?  We went last week and he tried on a jacket and then they ordered a sample in his size so we went back last night for him to try on the whole tux with the vest, tie, shoes, etc.   I've never seen him in a tux, or a full suit for that matter, but HOLY CRAP he looked sooo good!  I know he's handsome, but I have to say he really did look great and I cannot wait for him to be standing at the end of the aisle waiting for me.  

But now I'm kind of dissapointed that I saw him in it before the wedding.  Does that sound incredibly stupid?  Did you trust your FI to pick out the tuxes on his own?  I know he's a grown man and has good taste, but he also didn't want to do it without me.  I had never really thought of not going.  

Neither of us want to do a first look but if I had been on the fence, this would have sealed it for me.  No way would I want to see him on our wedding day before I walk down the aisle.  Personal preference of course, but this whole tux thing has really gotten me even more excited and ready to marry him!  Re reading this I sound a litte nuts I guess!

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Re: The tux

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall
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    My husband picked his suit out on his own but sent me pictures during the process so I could let him know if there was something I liked or didn't like. 
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  • Maggie0829Maggie0829 Ravens & Bohs & Crabs & O's
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    I went with H and to pick out the tux.  I think the only thing he tried on was the jacket just to make sure that the size that they ordered would fit him.  Since the vest and pants are adjustable we weren't worried about those.

    H, when cleaned up, always looks handsome but I had seen him a few other times in a tux before our wedding so it wasn't a shock to me.

    I also don't think he would have known what to order or how to order it if I didn't go with him.  Any other time he has needed a tux he has had me or his Mom go with him to make sure everything was ordered correctly LOL!

  • I would've sent DH on his own, but he wanted me to tag along.

    On the wedding day, everything will feel different, even though you've already seen his outfit.
  • I went with FI to pick out the tux because he wanted to make sure he didn't pick out something I didn't like. Plus he would have had no clue what to tell the tux place for the other guys. I let FI pick out the things he wanted and for the most part we were on the same page. I got a preview a few weeks ago when he was in another wedding. And has made no small fit over me getting to see him in a tux but him not getting to see me in a wedding gown before the wedding. hahaha. But I dunno. I'm still looking forward to seeing him in the tux he picked out. I imagine he'll be much more comfortable in the one he picked as opposed to the one his buddy picked for the wedding he was in.
  • I'm sending his brother's long term girlfriend to the tuxedo fitting, etc. with him.  This way - there is a woman present to make sure that they pick out reasonable tuxedos, vests, etc...but I'll still be surprised.Laughing

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  • DH insisted that I go with him, and he kept asking my opinion. I told him to pick what he wanted, just to make sure it was the right color to match with the DB color for the girls. Even seeing him in the full getup when he tried it on didn't spoil the wedding for me... it was a totally different day, scenario, and H made sure he really looked good on the wedding day, as opposed to just taking his hat off and changing when he got fitted.
  • My husband had never worn a tux, and insisted that I come along to help. However, he's also a giant :p. None of the samples would vome even close to fitting him, so we dressed a mannequin up with different styles and decided together what we liked. That way I still got my 'first look' on the wedding day too.
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  • I went with H.  Honestly I didn't even think about, we had an afternoon free and one of us said "hey let's go look at tuxes".  Honestly I'm not sure what he would have done without me because he is SO indecisive about little decisions.  Major things, like a house or car he's confident in his decision.. white vest or cream?  he'd have no idea...  Don't get me wrong, he still picked it - it's just like his body language and even verbalized opinions CLEARLY point to which one he likes better, he just needs me to say "yeah, definitely" before he's willing to commit to what color shirt he's going to wear...

    I'd seen him dressed up many times, so it wasn't a big shock.  It was a whole other world of feeling to see him standing THERE at the end of that aisle.
  • My H went on his own to pick out his tux.  I trusted his judgement and afterwards, he showed me some pictures of what it looked like.  Honestly, it wasn't something I wanted to have a say in because he didn't come to pick out my dress and he was the one wearing it so I didn't want to sway his opinion if he found a suit he felt great in but I didn't like it.  He did a great job :)
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  • My husband dresses himself everyday, so yes, I trusted him to be able to get a tux. I also had absolutely no interest in going to the tux shop with everything else I needed to do. He went with one of his GMs, took the fabric sample from the BM dresses and the color and style of my dress and picked it out. I knew he wanted a regular black tux with a bow tie and a cummerbund, which was fine by me. It's hard to mess up a tux!

    But, I guess I wasn't blown away when I saw him in a tux on our wedding day. Embarassed He looked good, but I didn't attribute being happy to the fact that he was dressed up, just that it was our wedding day.

    FWIW, I showed him a photo of my dress when I bought it and he promptly forgot about it, so it was kind of a surprise when he saw me, too.
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  • The only person who received my assist in choosing his tux was my son who, at the time, was an 18 year old high school senior.  Since I was buying his tux, I felt the need to provide a bit of supervision.  He has expensive taste.

    H picked out his tux on his own; I picked out my dress on my own.  I liked his tux; he liked my dress.  Everything was fine.
  • I went with my FI, mainly because he asked. We had already looked online at the style/colors we were going for. I figured he couldn't mess it up. I got home early from work one day and he decided that was the perfect time to go look. He called up one of his GM to see if he wanted to join us. (We had dinner plans with said GM, so it was more or less a "did u wanna check this out with us before dinner" kinda thing). I am very lucky with how involved some of his boys are... They are always asking if I need help with anything. Keeping up with the plans (stuff they really dont need to know until the day of)
    The shop only put the boys into the jackets to get make sure the size was right. I did not see them in the complete getup. I have however seen him dressed up before. We went to homecoming and Prom together... so either way it wont be a shocker.
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