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*Emily (fpaemp2011)*

How was "What to Expect When You're Expecting'? I remember you saying you were going to see it. Is it worth going to see at the theater? 

And, on that note, how are you feeleing?? Are you getting more excited by the day? I am so excited for you- you're the first one of us that got married last year to be expecting.    :) 

Re: *Emily (fpaemp2011)*

  • I thought it was pretty good.  There was some sexual content, but it's about pregnancy...so that wasn't a big shocker.  I laughed...and cried...but it was a good movie.

    I'm feeling great.  Wish I could sleep through the night, but I guess I can kiss that goodbye for a while.  :)  We're both excited.  Ezra's room is still packed with moving boxes, but my parents are coming out in August and DH and my dad are going to get his room cleaned out so mom and I can start setting it up.  Seeing him on the ultrasound and feeling (and seeing) his kicks makes it more real.  

    Next appointment is July 9th and we'll get the results from the ultrasound then.  DH was born with a kidney issue that wasn't discovered and corrected until he was 6.  If Ezra has it, it's one of the things they'll be able to see now and he'll be treated for it shortly after birth.  It's amazing to me how far things have come.
  • That's awesome! I'd love to see pics of the nursery once it's done. Hope the appointment goes great in July! 
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