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Fellow March Brides! I need an honest opinion!

Have any of you gone looking for dresses at David's Bridal? If so, how did it go? I've been reading Yelp reviews of the one closest to me but they seem to be all written by women who were expecting it to be just like Kleinfeld's which seems a bit absurd. If someone could let me know their actual experience with David's Bridal, that'd be great.
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Re: Fellow March Brides! I need an honest opinion!

  • My most recent experience with David's Bridal was this year when my best friend got married. I was her Maid of Honor. Dress selection was nice and the employees were attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful. The woman helping us was able to take our ideas and come out with some excellent dress suggestions. Overall, it was a positive experience. The only other place I would suggest is Alfred Angelo. Similar price point, wonderful quality, and really nice designs! I think I'm going to go with DB for the bridesmaids dresses at least because we get a discount with MW Tux for the guys' tux rentals if we order the bridesmaids dresses from DB. 
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  • I'm def. not a David's bridal fan, especially the local ones....I had an amazing experience at bridal reflections on Long Island.
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  • Not sure where you're located, but I have heard that the DB in East Brunswick is one of the better in the area of service and selection.

    Good luck!
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  • My best friend got her dress from a David's Bridal and had a great experience. The girls were very attentive to her and I loved them!  So they were my choice when I started looking for dresses. I called made an appointment and then was told that my consultant could be working with another bride at the same time. I asked if there was anyway to make an appointment so that I wasn't sharing my time slot with another bride, she said no. My thoughts were "well if I can only spend $200 and the other bride can spend $2000, who is she going to concentrate more on?" I decided to go to a smaller local shop and had such an amazing experience ! It maybe different in your area but go with your gut. If it's saying check out different shops do that !

  • It sucks there. My mom and I are both getting married my mom is this April. I went they were rude did not supply any under garments. I brought my own strapless bra but the dress i was looking at had a low cut back and they had nothing to offer. They only let me take one dress in the dressing room so I had to get completly re dressed and go look again she didn't suggest anything. I'm very easy and flexible. I wanted an Organza dress and she refused to let me try some things on. I was just like umm... really... My mom got her dress there and she regrets it.

    I'v gone back to other locations for my bridesmaid dress for my moms wedding. They couldnt help me fid it even with her account and the number. They just told me to look for the style. Luckly im not stupid and understood the numbering system and went right there while the girl was still lost. Then the ring up process was difficult cause they couldnt find my moms wedding so I could get my BM discount.

    Then the shoes my mom wanted me to get were their Sabrina sandal. I went instore cause I wear a 10-11 and I wanted to make sure the 10 would fit. They told me they had one in stock on the phone, once i got there, they didn't which is fine. I said what is the make I can try on a like shoe to see if their 10 fits. Apparently this was a super crazy idea to the lady and she had to get another person to help her... Then they both left. I found a similar one myself tried it on. Went up to the counter where she had started to ring up the 8 they had in store... I was like wait that doesnt fit. She was like o ok. Then continued to ring up the 8 and told me they can dye it that week and it will be ready. And I go the 10 or the 8 she said 8. Almost reached across the register and shook her out of her stupidness. Had to get the manager. She still rung it up wrong got a call last week my shoes were ready. I asked if they were champage they said no the ticket didn't say to dye them. GRRR!

    Needless to say judt dont do it!
  • David's has some good points: you aren't rushed through an appointment so you can try many dresses unlike a boutique where you are limited to trying on 4-5 dresses during your deisgnated 1 hour appointment.  Also, they have tons of styles so you can really narrow down what you do and don't like which will help you with your dress shopping in general. 

    They furnished me with a slip; not sure what other undergarments the previous poster wanted...they also gave me shoes and veils to try.  My consultant pulled many dresses for me so I never left the dressing room to go search the racks myself.  The biggest plus for me was that they have a range of sizes and as a very petite bride I appreciated being able to try on dresses that actaully were my size instead of the major clipping fiasco that has to happen when I try on a sample size.  If the shop doesn't have the size/color/style you want it can usually ordered online and shipped to you- then you have 2 weeks to return it if you don't like it!  (although your consultant might not mention that option to you).

    Re: bridesmaids dresses, for the most part the selection in the store looked more like prom dresses but I have seen some cute ones online.
  • Yah. I could not even stomach setting foot into a Bridal Show or Bridal Salon.

    I went out of my way to search online for either a local seamstress or an online vendor where I could have a dress made to my specifications (my measurements, the cut and color I wanted etc.)  I looked for 6 years (previous relationship, this relationship....crazy amount of time searching)...

    Finally came across a post here or on Wedding Wire prompting '' / Leontina Designs.  SHE is making exactly what I want, for a very good price, in my exact size - a  one-of-a-kind gown.  I am not being served scones or sitting on a brocade sofa, but that does not appeal to me.

    If I wanted all that, though, what I'd do is look for a small, family-fun shop. David's *from what I understand* is mainly the Antichrist.

  • Hi! I saw your post and thought you might be interested in a show I am currently casting for a major cable network about moms daughters getting married! Please feel free to email me at This is an amazing opportunity and would love to discuss further with you. Thanks Best of Luck!
  • I didn't have a good experience with David's Bridal. I went to one in Manhattan on 6th Ave. First, the pictures I printed out from their website of dresses that I loved were all discontinued. Why not make a note of it online? All the dresses I found that I loved were showing as available in stores. Then the associate that was helping me was not helpful at all! I asked her to help me figure out what would good look on my body type and she brought me the most unflattering dresses! They were all ugly and NOT AT ALL what I told her I liked. What bothered me also is that the associate was helping a few other brides at the same time and would constantly leave me waiting for her to bring more dresses or help me get out of a dress. Needless to say, I did not buy my dress there. Instead, I went to RK Bridal and had a wonderful experience. Yes, it's not Kleinfelds for you, but they treated me so nicely and with such respect, taking into account what I liked and my budget. I ended up finding an amazing dress and the lady helping me took her time and never left my side. And the prices at RK are great too! Definitely recommend it! 
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  • My experience was in 2009 Birmingham, AL. It was recommended I set up an appointment. I did. The staff were helpful. I think the dressing room limit was 3-5 dresses. My friend at the time told me to wear comfortable cloths. She, my Mom and I had fun. I wore my high school gym shorts a white t- shirt (easy to take off or put a dress over) I was advised to ask if I needed my own undergarments. I believe I was told that David's Bridle sold but did not provide strapless bras for shopping for "The Dress". My Advice is bring a comfortable bra, make an appointment, and wear comfortable cloths that are easy to get out of.
  • Mine was great in Portland or. Very helpful, very nice selection. I guess it all depends on where you live
  • Wait, people expect a bridal salon to provide you with undergarments? That seems pretty odd.  My bridal salon gave me a slip (just waist down).  You could see my strapless bra in my dress, and I just noted that I'd have to buy something different to wear under it.
  • Thankfully, I am wearing my mother's gown for my wedding.  However, my girls (all 6) are getting their dresses at David's Bridal.  When my sister and I went to the one near me (Lawrenceville aka Princeton, NJ) we had a good time.  The sales consultant was a little "slow" but understood what I was looking for.  My sister tried on about 6-8 dresses and we narrowed it down to 3.  When we returned 2 weekends ago with 4 out of the 6 girls, we had the same consultant and she was still a little slow.  In the time it took for her to look for the 3 dresses we chose, I had them all out and the girls were already trying them on.  We decided on 1 gown for all the girls and she took their orders.  Only thing that I asked was about one of my girls in Boston.  I wanted to know if they could order their dress in Boston and have it shipped to "my" store.  No, they don't do that. (They actually do because my girl in Boston did it)

    Other than that, everything was working GREAT!!!! 

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  • First time tying on dresses was at DB.  Consultant was pretty good, we tried on a TON of dresses (12 or more I think).  They provided slip and bra too.  Tried on different veils.  Could take as many pics as you want in the dresses.  Overall was pretty good and found 2 dresses I really liked.   Had another appt at a boutique shop that same afternoon, and ended up getting my dress there.  Keep in mind, their price points are probably lower and I thought some of the dresses reflected that, but I was impressed by their selection. 

  • I really haven't enjoyed my experience with them either. I didn't expect it to be like Kleinfeld's or anything like that, but I do expect that when I'm ready to order a dress, for someone, ANYONE to be around to take my order. It was ridiculous. I had to find my daughter's Jr Bride dress on the rack, guess her size, track someone down to open a dressing room, and then once we found the one that fit and wanted to order, there was no one in sight and we had to wait for probably 15 minutes to get a sales rep to help us. For bridesmaid dresses, it was like a zoo in there. The place was packed. I had an appointment, which by the way, does not guarantee you a consultant ... Ridiculous!!!!

  • I was extremely hesitant with using DB because I didn't like their style and had a horrid time with them for my best friend's wedding. I bought my dress elsewhere however when we ran out of options for my bridesmaids seeing as they are all different sizes we decided to give them a shot and I was pleasantly surprised. They were more than helpful when choosing dresses and have made reminders so easy for me to remember when I have pick ups. I'm sure it varies store to store but our experience has been nothing short of amazing.
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    I had a good experience with my local DB for trying on wedding dresses, getting undergarments, and getting a dress for my brother's wedding. But my mom and I were less than impressed with the gowns on me.

    I ended up getting my dress at a Brides Against Breast Cancer event- dresses are discounted, not as much selection (especially for double digit sizes), but all the money goes to breast cancer research, not a chain. Cancer runs in my family, so this was close to my heart.

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