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So i bought my dress April 2nd. At a local store in East York called Lilas. Its a cute little boutiqe.  Anyway the owner Lila told me that it would be shipped July2nd. So I called her July 9th. She said it hadn't been shipped maybe bc of the holiday. So I let it go and life happend and I totally forgot to call the following week. So two weeks later I call her ( 2 days ago) I get the secretary chic and was on hold for 6 min and then owner again comes on. She says ahh you dress hasn't been shipped yet and I will call you tommorow with more info. She called me back 20 min later and she said the company isn't sure when it's going to be shipped there was a "production issue". So she said she will call me on friday at 4. Well 4 came and went and I called her at 5. she of course told me she was just got off the phone with the company. Here I find out my dress is being made in china. So there is an issue in china, and she's not sure when it'll be shipped. My wedding is 09/25 60 something days away.......I start college back up in august. So i was hoping to get my first fitting done before school starts back up. I paid in full for my dress, which needed to  be paid in full within 60 days anyway.  My receipt says all sales are final. I'm stuck how much longer do I wait for my dress to MAYBE be shipped.  I'm going to wait til monday to see what she says the company says it'll be shipped. And if its unacceptable then i'm going to request my money back and go on the wedding dress search again.....;-( Any suggestions for me. Cry

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    Call the company directly??? idk if you can do that but it seems like she's the middle man and is giving you the run around. I hope this gets fixed for you!!! Be a lil forceful though, it's your money and gown.
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    I hate to say it, but I went to Lillas as well, and it was really shady.  When I was there, there was a girl trying on this gorgeous dress. Anyway, when she was done with it, I tried it on, and then she decided she wanted the dress.  She bought the sample while I was there, so I wasn't able to try the dress on again.  It was my first time trying on dresses, so I wanted to keep looking.  They told me at Lillas that they will not be ordering in another dress to replace that sample, so I could order it, but since she bought the sample, I couldnot try it on again.  So I ended up leaving, they wouldn't tell me ANY info about the dress, or anything.  Thankfully, I made friends with the girl who bought the sample while I was there, because she told me what the dress way.  Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting the same dress from another shop, THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS less.  The worst thing is, since I made friends with that girl, she told me they ended up ordering in another sample of that dress, and never bothered to call me anyway.
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    they sound pretty shady... sorry you're having a bad experience. :(
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    I had issues with Lillas when I had gotten a prom dress from them years ago, and again when I was a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding. For those reasons, I stayed away from the shop when searching for my gown.  My bridesmaids called in there to get pricing for a dress we were looking for, and we ended up finding it hundreds of dollars cheaper elsewhere as well.

    I wish you luck!  If they don't give you answers, I'd request money back, and I'd file a report with the BBB. Sometimes when companies get notice you've reported bad business practices, they act a little faster to get it resolved.
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