4 Bar envelopes for RSVPs

Hello!  I am concerned that our RSVPs are not going to come back to us - the invitation set that we purchased uses 4 bar envelopes for the RSVP cards but these are 130x90 mm which is below the minimum envelope size for Canada Post!  (the minimum is 140x90 mm).  Why on earth would Canada Post make a minimum envelope size that is non-standard?  And why would my invitation set come with envelopes that are too small to mail?  I bought the kit from a Canadian company too.

Does anyone have any experience with their RSVPs not coming back because they were too small?

Re: 4 Bar envelopes for RSVPs

  • MadisonpennyMadisonpenny member
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    I'M sorry i dont have any experience howevr I might want to call Canada Post and speak to someone there and see what they'll say about you're envelops..
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    That is a bit odd but you shouldn't have any problems getting them back! I used 4bars for my wedding and we received every single RSVP.
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    Thank you miellen!  I feel better knowing it worked out for you.  I'm crossing my fingers that they arrive!
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    We used 4-bar envelopes for our wedding too, and there have been no problems.  A couple RSVPs did take awhile to get here, but I'm not sure if that's because of the envelope or just Canada Post in general.

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