Tom and I were married this past Saturday @ the Fairmont!  It was amazing, easily the best weekend EVER!  Most everything went swimmingly, and when it didn't, I didn't stress out.

Back in LA now, we are doing Tahiti for our honeymoon over Christmas/New Years.  I don't have any photos yet to share, but will post as soon as possible.  We had a full day on Thursday (getting the marriage license waiver which was a joke - easiest thing ever, engagement photos which were intense and HOT (not steamy hot, but temperature hot), meeting with priest, meeting with hotel staff), and Friday was fun with all of our guests coming in. 

Majority of guests were from LA / NYC / DC, and it was their first ever time to Pitt - they were IMPRESSED.  Most (about 100 or so) stayed at the Fairmont, and we had our rehearsal dinner @ Oyster House in Market Square, and then ceremony and reception @ Fairmont, so they loved every minute of it.  And we had killer weather as well, so during down times they explored the city.  It was great to have everyone in the hotel - everytime I went to the bar/restaurant/lobby, I saw someone I knew.

Guess who I ran into after my reception?  AP910!  My group was streaming out of the Fairmont around 12:45 - 1am to head to Olive or Twist after our reception, and my husband (ha!) overheard her saying "I know that girl from the knot!"  I accosted her in the lobby to say hello.  She looked stunning, and was super gracious and sweet!! 

I will give vendor reviews soon - lots of good, some were just so-so, but all went off amazingly.

YAY!  I am suffering from severe wedding-hangover, but calling Tom my hubby, and seeing the extra bling on my finger, is helping me get over it!


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    It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I can't wait to see pictures! Congratulations!!
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    Sounds like a lovely (if hectic) few days and a wonderful wedding.  Thats awesome you ran into ap910 too!
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    Congrats!  it sounds like you had a wonderful wedding.  Can't wait to see your pix!
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    Congrats, Mrs.! I'm glad everything worked out for you, esp. the marriage license. I must say that I'm surprised they waived it, but good for you! Also very cool at you met AP! At least you can relax and now and look forward to your HM. I will await pics! :-)
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    Congrats!!!! Pictures please!!!!!

    It sounds like everything went perfectly! So happy for you!!

    Hilarious that you ran into AP! How did she know it was you?!
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    Woohoo!! CONGRATULATIONS MRS!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day and I can't wait to see pictures!!! :)
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    AP and I were both staying at the Fairmont (I had heard at the salon as well as from the staff that there was another bride there).  She knew I was getting married at the Fairmont so must have figured it was me.   I ran into 2 or 3 other brides (I went out in my gown and was outside of Olive or Twist) but I don't think any were from the Knot.  Some had even changed out of their dresses.

    Mike Comrie was at the bar Andy's (at the hotel) on Saturday night - he apparently lives in the residences at the Fairmont - and congratulated us when we came back to the hotel.  So, even though none of the Pens officially came to my wedding, that was pretty cool! 

    For the marriage license - since we lived across the country and showed our CA driver's licenses, it was a non-issue.  We brought travel documents and passports as well (since we had been away every weekend for 2 months prior, including my 2 week trip to Stockholm) but they didn't even look at these. There was a waiver before us, and another in the afternoon scheduled, so although they probably don't want to advertise it, it does happen quite frequently.

    One of the few photos I have so far!  I didn't take any pictures, and won't get the official ones for a few weeks.  Am trying to scrounge my family and friends for theirs.  So glad I had our photographer stay for an extra 2 hours!

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    Beautiful!  Glad everything went well for you!  

    Enjoy married life!  :)
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    Happy Birthday, little man. We love you so much!

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    Beautiful photo!! Can't wait to see more!! :)
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    Oh, you look beautiful!  Congratulations!  I'm so happy everything was wonderful.  I am also looking forward to your vendor reviews, since you're our first Fairmont bride!  Come back with more pictures soon :)

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