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Help! What are you spending on flowers/decor?

Hey everyone!  I just received a floral quote that blew my mind a bit.  I was quoted $250 for large carnation ball centerpieces on candlesticks and six small votive candles.  I did not expect it to be this much esp since it's carnations.  Can anyone provide insight here?!  Thank you!!!

Re: Help! What are you spending on flowers/decor?

  • iluvmytxrgriluvmytxrgr member
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    How many carnation balls are you ordering?  Is that cost per table or total?

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  • phill027phill027 member
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    Per centerpiece.  I wanted 8, so the total is $2000. :(  I've called a few florists in the area and it sounds like I'm getting screwed big time.  
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    My friend is making all my flower arrangements and boquets, and she's doing an amazing job!  We bought the flowers from Michael's and Hobby Lobby.  Check out her stuff at http://www.facebook.com/craftsbydesign
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  • kamarks08kamarks08 member
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    Is it too late to change florists? Or have you talked to your florist about it? When I met with my florist I just had to tell her if something was outside of what I was expecting to spend, and she would throw alternatives at me until we settled on a do-able budget... I
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