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black diamond curse :(

need your advice about this! my partner and i picked out engagement rings together. we're both going to have one and his will turn into his wedding band. it was really kind of nice for us to do it together. we found something we both love, and that suits our personalities and our non-traditional relationship. my mother hasn't always been supportive of our relationship, but she has totally come around and loves him like her own son. he's ethnically mixed, mostly black, and i'm indian.

the problem? the rings have black diamond stones. they are super pretty, and look like traditional engagement rings in their design. except for the black diamond part. my mom wasn't happy to learn of our color scheme for our wedding (red and black) because of black being an inauspicious color, but she did come around on that one and wants us to be happy. however, from what i've read about black diamonds being cursed in indian culture, i'm not sure she'll come around on this.

i don't want to ask her opinion ahead of time because i don't want her to influence what we get, but i also wanted to ask all of you about this and get a sense of how you or your moms feel about black diamonds, and if we're committing a really grave sin. we want to love our rings and we want them to be special and reflect our tastes, but we don't want to create world war 3. also, we're having 2 ceremonies, hindu and western, and i'm wondering if this will put a wrench in the hindu one, if a priest thinks the stone is cursed too.

Re: black diamond curse :(

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    The only thing I've found is that a *particular* black diamond that happened to be mined in India is cursed.


    Granted, I am not of Indian background, so I could be wrong about this. I asked my FI and he doesn't know anything about it either.

    Ultimately, though, I think it is up to you. If it's what you and FI love, then get it. Additionally, it's entirely probable that the diamonds you're getting are either synthetic or irratiated to be black - a VERY small percentage of black diamonds are naturally mined as black. So you might be able to use that as a loophole, maybe?
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