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chinese card box

does anyone have an example of a chinese card box. we wanted to have a red one maybe with some gold writing but looking for some inspiration.

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    I could not find one with a hole in it. You could DIY it though if you don't like that one...
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    I believe that this would be a fun DIY project! Most craft stores (like Hobby Lobby & Michaels) have plain brown boxes in all kinds of shapes and sizes. You can either paint it red and stencil on some gold details or buy some inexpensive "Asian" looking fabric and cover it with that. You could add some nice gold tassles and it could be amazing.

    For my sister's wedding the theme was stars.. they found 3 star boxes all different sizes and hot glued them all together, painted them silver, and then at a craft store they found little buttons that play music.. so they adheared that to the top so, that when people put a card in, they could push the button and play the song. It was soo darling!

    Use this to get creative.. and who knows.. after you are done you might be able to sell it on ebay or some other wedding site. There are always tons of brides looking for "Asian" themed items!

    Good luck! :)
  • will47will47 member
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    This was ours... just a box, wrapped in red paper (homemade).
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