Question re. Kristy Love - Lab Salon

Has anyone used her for their Kauai wedding?  Her email communication is HORRIBLE.  4 months to confirm my 3 girls who will be getting their makeup/hair done with me.  I kinda just need someone to tell me that everything's going to be ok...
OR, something to refer me elsewhere.  I want someone current and modern.  Kauai being a small island, some things can be tacky and old school.  

I posted this question before without much response so hopefully I'll get more responses this time.

Re: Question re. Kristy Love - Lab Salon

  • Eeek. That would totally freak me out too. I have no Kauai advice, but maybe let her know that you think her communication sucks and that if she doesn't improve, you'll take your business elsewhere?
  • From what other brides have posted on here about communication in Hawaii is that it's best to call. Especially being a smaller island, and like you said, maybe not as current, a lot of people stilluse the phone. I'd give her a call first.
  • A lot of girls from Kauai like Mia Moriguchi as well! She also does airbrush, which is why a lot of women choose the Lab
  • I had communication issues booking Kristy Love, so I decided not to follow through with the booking.  From what i've heard, she's been on maternity leave, so that is probably playing a huge role.

    I booked Mia Moriguchi.  Her email communication has been MUCH better!  I haven't used her yet, but I am looking forward to it.  My wedding is in about 2 weeks, I'll post reviews when it's done.  Hopefully they are all great reviews!  :)
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    Hi. I used Kristy for my wedding in May 2010. She did an awesome job with my hair and makeup, and I was very pleased. I don't usually wear a lot of makeup, so I was happy that she was able to make the makeup look natural, but still noticeable in the pictures. She even took the time to put on individual clusters of fake lashes instead of one full strip of lashes so that it looked more natural. I would definitely recommend her. It was definitely better to get a hold of her by phone rather than through email.
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