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Rehersal Dinner with no Rehersal....thoughts??

I wanted to through this out to my fellow knotties...I def want a rehersal dinner, time to thank parents/BM and GM for being with us threw this crazy planning...but distance is a problem. I'm getting married is Chesapeake Beach, live in Bel Air and my officiant is from Sykesville. I feel TERRIBLE making him drive a day or two early just to practice. What are your thoughts/ideas/opinions about having just the dinner maybe around Bel Air? Or near Chesapeake Beach?? All ideas welcome please!! Thanks so much girls!

Re: Rehersal Dinner with no Rehersal....thoughts??

  • strawberrycrzstrawberrycrz
    edited December 2011
    You could do a rehersal someplace else.  Maybe where you have the rehersal dinner?  Just tell the girls and guys how you want them to come in and stand at the alter.  Just because you aren't in the actual location of the ceremony doesn't mean you can't reherse. 
  • edited December 2011

    First, I don't believe that you need an officiant at the rehersal.  We had two at our ceremony and neither at our rehearsal.  We were also in the same boat as you.  Our wedding was in Annapolis and we're all in Howard County.  Instead of having everyone drive to Annapolis for 30 minutes of 'rehearsal' and then to Laurel for our rehearsal dinner - we just held a make-shift rehearsal at the restaurant and our ceremony turned out perfect.  My mom just lined everyone up and everyone knew where to stand. 

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