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Food and Pictures in Victorville

Hey All,

I am looking for any information on ways to get the bits to put together an "afternoon tea" sort of thing for my wedding as well as a photographer that will service the Victorville area and is cheap, but good. 

I'm on a $2000 budget and we are not having a public wedding since my immediate family and I live in Washington, just a reception for the rest of my family living in So. Cal., so I'm able to kinda splurge the whole thing- I just have to have photos, food and decorations come out of all of that LOL. 

My Fiance and I are thinking food wise we'd like chicken salad sandwiches, cucumber salad, an heirloom tomato salad (or some sort of tomato salad with nice tomatoes)... basically deli foods that aren't meat and cheese sandwiches with scones and muffins and tea. (My Fiance is British and the tea is appealing to him.)

Any hints on photographers would be very appreciated, I'm not picky just on a tight budget. 

Thanks all! 

Re: Food and Pictures in Victorville

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    You should check ot my photographer, Corbin Kell,, he does amazing work; he's out of Los Angeles, but he told me he covers anywhere in so cal and victoriville is not to far from LA.  Mention I sent you (maria d) he usually gives discounts to brides referred by other brides. 

    Good luck, sounds like a fun intimate wedding!
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    Hi!  How funny, I am from Victorville and now live in Washington (Puget Sound area), and I am having my wedding in Hesperia this year!  I hope I can help you with this, I know of several photographers in the area.

    My #1 suggestion would be Jenn Tuttle [Lifeographer].  I only know about her studio prices and those are reasonable, considering her talent!

    #2 Desiree Shuey.  She does more weddings than Jenn does, but not sure on her prices.

    #3 Jacob Mariano,  Their pictures are amazing, but the reason I put them #3 is cause they are probably more pricey.

    I hope that helps!
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    Oh Wow! 

    That is hilarious lol, it's a long haul down and a longer one back up somehow. If you run across any other bits of information I'd love it if you shared... We're in an awkward situation in that we're waiting for him to be approved for a Fiance visa and we can't solidly plan anything till he gets it and then we have to get everything done and be married within 90 days. 

    It's a bit hectic and yet slow at the same time lol. 

    Good luck and thanks for your help!
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    There is a place called the Secret Tea Garden on Hesperia road in VV. I am not sure if they are still open because it has been a while since I have been there. They may cater or know a business who can cater. I googled them and their number is listed as being 760-951-6625.

    Your idea sounds fun! 

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