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Save the Dates?

I have our save the dates all set and ready to go.  Our wedding is in Colorado and for about 80% of the guests, this will mean flying here.  I'm starting to think I should mail these out in the next month or so to give people time but the Knot checklist is saying to wait until 6-8 months out...
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Re: Save the Dates?

  • Honestly, I think if you sent them soon you'd be fine.  We are sending ours out next week because just about half of the people will travel more than one hour to get there and due to a local college event that we just found out falls on our wedding day, hotel rooms will be hard to come by.  We want everyone who needs it to have enough time to make the reservations they need.

    The point of the save the date is simply that- to give people the heads up that your wedding is happening this day in this place.  Sending them is a courtesy, so send them when you please.


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  • I sent ours out with our Christmas cards.  Our wedding is the Friday before Thanksgiving and even though we are having mostly family, they need to be able to plan around their own Thanksgiving events since most of them have at least 3 events that month.  I think the early, the better.
  • Thanks guys!  I'm going to drop them in the mail tomorrow :)
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  • I agree with PPs. We were going to skip the STDs since 98% of the guests are local but my sister is designing ours and can do it for $20 so we figured why not.
  • We are getting ready to send ours in the next few weeks.  They have arrived and we are finalizing addresses now!

    We also have about 80-90% of our guests coming from out of town and our parents are getting so many questions from people that we wanted to go ahead and get them out so people would have the date and our wedding website to refer to!
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