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How many DJ's and photographers did you meet with before booking?

I already have 4 appts to meet DJ's and 3 appt's to meet photographers but I am feeling like we have so many options btu realistically- we just want the best one for the best price. How many DJ's and how many photographers did you meet with?? Am I meeting with too many or is this normal to meet with a lot before you decide? 
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Re: How many DJ's and photographers did you meet with before booking?

  • For photographers, I contacted probably around 6 based on recommendations from the knot and received their pricing information and availablility either via e-mail or phone if they called.  A bunch I eliminated immediately due to price. The first photographer I met with we loved and I had a feeling he would be the one before we even met.  FI and I booked him on the spot.  I had another appointment scheduled with a different photographer, but I canceled it.  For me personally, I didn't want to meet with tons of people, and I feel their websites give a chance to look at the pictures.  We also loved our photographer's albums, so that was a big plus.  

    We found our band online and booked that way.  We listened to their clips on their website and read great reviews.  I did contact a few other bands and communicated for the most part by email.  

    I don't think you are meeting with too many if that's what you want to do. I think photography is super important, and I probably spent just as much time researching photographers as venues.  If it comes down to price, than you will probably be able to make a decision rather quickly.  I don't have a lot of patience to meet with tons of people, so if I like someone and the price is good, I will book him/her.  That's just me though--- I'm sure other brides are different!! GL :)
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  • The process of finding vendors and meeting vendors can be endless.  I narrowed down my searchto three  by using internet, recommendations, etc.  I called on the phone and met in person.   I just got good vibes from certain people and that is who we booked.  I had nine months to plan, to I made a decision and moved onto the next thing on my list. 
  • kalinskikkalinskik member
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    thanks for the tips- I was also hoping if we really liked a certain person, once we meet i in person we could negotiate their price down a little...not sure if that's wishful thinking on my part but I feel like I cant decide on a person until meeting them in person which means lots of meetings! lol
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  • LissyM83LissyM83 member
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    we met with 1 photographer (we knew we wanted to use this particular one)

    and 3 DJ's
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  • I spoke to about 6 different DJs, and at least 10 photographers, I met with the final ones only.
  • Ya I narrowed it down a bit more...but I still have 3 meetings with DJ's and 3 meetings with photographers...so we'll see! 
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  • random4180random4180 member
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    In Response to Re: How many DJ's and photographers did you meet with before booking?:
    [QUOTE]we met with 1 photographer (we knew we wanted to use this particular one) 
    Posted by LissyM83[/QUOTE]

    This. and we haven't met with any DJs since we're having a band.
    OP, I can safely say I've contacted a TON of vendors in relation to wedding planning and it does feel endless sometimes. There are certain things I settled on almost immediately- music, flowers, venue but photography required a LOT of research, ceremony venue was a bit sticky, and I think picking a caterer is flat out going to be the death of me! 
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  • ahh ya we just got engaged in November & we're living overseas for my fiance's job...we're only home for the summer so basically I have just this summer to meet with everyone that I have to since we wont be back until next spring right before our july 2013 wedding! sooo I am researching like crazy from overseas & planning my meetings! 
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  • I did a lot of research on wedding websites from the area to find local vendors, never went to a bridal show, could tell what i liked from their websites, got some recommendations from friends.  Contacted a bunch of them and whoever responded the fasted on email, or answered their email i looked more into.  Honestly the first photographer, dj and florist i actually met in person we booked because  Idid so much other research already on prices. Most of the prices quoted were all around the same amount for the area so there was no point in searching further if we liked the people.  If you and your fiance work full time it's just too much after awhile lol.
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