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Sizing for Bill Levkoff dresses

I am in my sil's wedding this May. She's in NY and I'm in CA, so I went to a bridal store to try on dresses. They wanted to charge me $25 to measure me there (since I wasn't ordering the dress through thme). I didn't want to pay that. So I told them I would have my sister measure me at home. But, there isn't a size chart on the website. I did a google search and found one (on a different website). But I'm not sure if it's accurate. 

I have an idea of what size I'll need. And I figure I can send my measurements to my sil and have her check with her bridal store. But I was curious to know if anyone might have some feeback. 

Sorry it's not clicky. I'm on my sister's mac and have no idea how to use this thing :) 

Thanks :)

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Re: Sizing for Bill Levkoff dresses

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    I would have your SIL ask her store what measurements she needs to give them.  And the link works just fine.
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  • My wedding dress is actually a Bill Levkoff bridesmaids dress, and I had to order 2 sizes up from my "street clothes" size. I'm a 4-6, the dress is a 10. I hear that's pretty standard, so shoot for that, and if in doubt, go one size bigger, because that is always easier to fix. I hope that helps.
  • I would definitely get measured (somewhere else that doesn't charge) and send the measurements to the bridal shop. While Athsea is right about wedding gowns, bridesmaids dress sizes don't always work the same way. I was just fitted for a Bill Levkoff BM dress 3 months ago and it was exactly true to size with my street clothes. 
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  • We are using Bill Levkoff for bridesmaid dresses too. Iactually think they were pretty true to size. As far as I know they're about the same size as street clothes. BM is ordering up one size just to make sure it fits but sample actually fit her perfectly (but might be stretched out from being tried on a lot).

  • My bridesmaids are wearing BL dresses and they seemed to be pretty true to size.  Just a quick note: according the the BL size chart, my FSIL would've been a 6 or 8.  She was concerned about that because she's normally a 2 or 4.  Luckily, the bridal salon had a BL dress in a size 4 for her to try.  It fit perfectly.  If you're able to actually try your size on at a bridal salon, I recommend doing so.  
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