Waxing Recommendations

Does anyone have a recommendation for a place to get a bikini wax in the Metro area? Maybe somewhere they've had a good experience that has packages so I could go a couple of times leading up to the wedding/honeymoon.

Thanks :)

Re: Waxing Recommendations

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    They're in Vancouver (really close to the I-5 bridge), but I've gotten several bikini waxes through them and they are awesome! They have really reasonable prices too.


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    I'm a wuss and don't do waxing, but Cristi Cooke at Salon Moxie is my esthetician and LMT and she does waxing as well.  She's also a (former?) knottie.  She is amazing with massage and facials so I assume she has mad waxing skillz too.

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    Thank you for the suggestions - I'll check them both out. I live in Vancouver so Bare Down There could be perfect :)
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    I wax a lot and made a beginner's mistake this morning. I drank a lot of coffee right before going in. The caffeine made it hurt way worse than normal. I was screaming like crazy. I hate it when I do stupid stuff like that.
    I like Trixie's Beauty bar. She'll give you a free giant glass of wine : )
    Jane Cowan salon is also great.
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    Angie Carver at The Wax Shack is incredible. Her prices are dirt cheap, too! I wouldn't ever go anywhere else after knowing her!

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