Help! I need to start planning!

My FI just proposed to me a few weeks ago, (on Halloween), and I guess I need to start planning. I'm totally overwhelmed, I don't know where to begin. We want to get married in the Southern Maine area, I'm not originally from here and don't really know of many places or people to look at. Any suggestions would be welcome. 

I'm totally starting from scratch so I'm looking forward to your comments. Thanks for your help. 

Re: Help! I need to start planning!

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    Congratulations!  Take some deep breaths and enjoy this time to explore all your options.  It's so much fun!  We are having a destination wedding in Maine, but not the southern part.  We are up in the mountains region, Bethel, and have rented a house that can accomodate our party.  Skiesta.  The view is amazing.  If I were to pick another area in Maine it would have to be Portland or Kennebunkport.  I love both those areas!  Happy Planning!
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    Congrats!!!   I guess my first question is budget.. how much are you looking to spend & how many people?  There are lots and lots of choices!  Several hotels in Portland (and surrounding area) have nice rooms and lots of experience wedding planning, there are a lot of churches.. I'm getting married on Peaks Island at Jones Landing in their garden on the ocean then having my reception on the deck.. There's also another place on Peaks that does beautiful receptions!  There are sooo many options,in and around Portland I don't know where to start!! what do you vision for your wedding?! 
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    yes unfortunatly it is all based on budget

    mine is right around 5,000 for the  entire thing. Which means we did not book venues that  were 5,000 just for the venue. It means I am not hiring a videographer because it is extra, and it means there is a lot of diy, minimal flowers and a lot of personal touches :)

    after that it would be most useful to decide when you want to get married.. This can sometimes give you inspiration for color, theme, decor ect
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    My budget is $4K and $1K of that is from my parents, so I can sympathise on that.  And I am finding that while it is hard, it is doable.  I have a family member who makes wedding cakes on the side, and a co-worker who is an amazing photographer.  SO my biggest advice is to make use of friends and family!  We are also planning our wedding reception for 2-6 and having a very light buffet of "sea short picnic fare", that we are doing ourselves. 

    I am spending decent money on the DJ because I want it to be a rockin party, and my dress will be about $675 with allterations, and the flowers will be done by a local florits. 

    Next biggest piece of advice, make lists :) I have a budget/list so I keep track of everything much easier!

    good Luck!
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    Congrats on your engagement!

    If you are into the beaches, I would look into free beaches for your ceremony, maybe even the areas at SMCC.  There are definately ways to have a beautiful wedding on a tight budget.  You just have to research a lot, google is going to become your next best friend!
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    Thanks ladies for all your help so far! We have been working on our guest list and I think we are probably going to be inviting around 100 people and a pretty workable budget of 15k. I would love to get married in a barn somewhere. I love that old rustic romantic feeling. We are getting married the weekend of halloween next year so I want to play up that theme, but not in a kid way- more like a old vintage, romantic way. These are my initial thoughts on theme and venue anyway. And I haven't even begun to think about food! Any thoughts? 
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    It's not a barn, but it is definitely old and rustic.  Check out the Portland Company and what they have available.  I've seen lots of pictures of the inside, and it's a little too rustic for my tastes, but people who like rustic seem to like it.  They have a variety of rooms available of different sizes so you could have the ceremony and reception in the same place if you wanted, and the rooms have a nice view of Casco Bay.

    One of my coworkers is getting married in Brownfield at the Stone Mountain Arts Center.  Not exactly southern Maine, but they have an actual barn to use on their property.
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    You might want to check out the Holiday Inn at Sable Oaks.  It's a nice spot and I think they can work with your on a small budget.  The Marriott is next door to it but I think that would be more pricey.  Good luck.
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