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Newly Engaged :D

My fiance and I have been engaged for a week today. :)

We met in college and started dating halfway through our junior year. I graduated last weekend and the next day we road tripped out to Denver to stay with some friends. One day we went on a hike in the mountains and on the way down we were just kind of doing our own thing, hanging behind the group. We stopped and admired the different views a couple of times and he joked about giving me one of the Ring Pops he had stashed in his back pack. Next thing I know, we were stopped and he was down on one knee with a *real* ring and asking me to marry him. I looked at the ring and said "That's not blue raspberry..." (which is the flavor Ring Pop I joked that I wanted)

Two days later, he got on a plane to head home. He lives in Wisconsin and I'm from Michigan, and in a couple of weeks I'm moving to Florida for the year to work. This  year is going to be soooo hard :(

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