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May 2012 Weddings

BM's Rehearsal

One of my BMs is getting married June 23, and she sent out her RD invites weeks ago with it being on the 22nd at 6pm. I thought that was perfect because I get out of work at 5pm.

Well today she sends a mass text to all those in the WP telling us the rehearsal is at 4:30pm on the 22. My job isn't what you call a "real" job. I am a substitute teacher at an early childhood program where employees are out everyday meaning I have a month to month schedule of when I am needed. I also can get called in when I was not scheduled due to last minute changes.

Because this isn't my "real" job I can't really leave early... unless all of the children have been picked up, I can't necessary leave. They aren't going to find someone for an hour, plus I really need the money...

I know my friend will understand I just feel really bad and I am afraid to tell her...
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Re: BM's Rehearsal

  • I think the best thing to do would be to tell her as soon as possible...  I bet that I would be okay with a BM telling me she would have to miss the rehearsal as soon as she found out about the switch.  .  If it's that important for you to be there, then she would still have time to change the rehearsal time...  but at least you're giving her the option. 

    I'm sure if you explain the situation about your job, she will also be more likely to understand that this is beyond your control.

    But, I  only had a Maid of Honor, and so it was easy for me to schedule things like the rehearsal.   I bet some other ladies can more easily put themselves in your friend's shoes to let you know how they would feel :)

  • I agree- Tell her ASAP. I had a couple people that couldnt make the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner but it wasnt a big deal to me- I know they were tied up
  • I agree, I had a BM and GM not show up to the rehearsal because of traffic, but they texted me to let me know, so we just did it without them.  It was a little bit of a hiccup, but because they let me know, I can't be upset at the traffic.

    I would tell your friend that your schedule is crazy (if she's a good friend, she should know this already about your job and requirements about it).  Just tell her you'll do everything you can to make it, but it may be a last minute thing.  She should understand.  You were just in your own wedding, as long as you don't have a 'job in the wedding', standing up and walking in/out shouldn't be too hard to pick up!
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