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Please review my vows!

This is so much harder than I imagined!  I want the vows to be meaningful, but not too long.  Please send me your thoughts!

You are my prince, my hero, and my rock.  I love you more than I can express, but I will never stop trying to show you and tell you how much you mean to me.   I'm so grateful that we were lucky enough to meet and to form such a strong connection with each other so quickly.  Since I've met you, my life has never been the same, and I wouldn't want it to be.   You inspire me, impress me, and encourage me.  Your unwavering support of all my endeavors is something that I have never before experienced.  You teach me without making me feel stupid for asking, and are always there to catch me when I fall.  With you, I feel completely comfortable and accepted as I already am.   I promise that from this day forward, you will never walk alone.  I will always be by your side, facing life’s challenges with you.  I will support your dreams and will support you when you falter.  I will listen to you and strive to make you feel as special as you make me feel.  I will accept and appreciate you for who you are.  Above all else, I promise you my love.  I feel so honored and privileged to be your wife.  I can’t wait to begin our lives together. 

Re: Please review my vows!

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