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Cheongsum (Qi Pao) wedding purchase in Hong Kong vs New York

Hi, I was wondering if any one has any recommendations of where in Hong Kong I can get a nice silk Embroidered pre-made Oi Pao? I have a friend that plans on visit there that can pick it up for me.  Is it less expensive than getting it here in the states? Thanks. 

Re: Cheongsum (Qi Pao) wedding purchase in Hong Kong vs New York

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    I come to search the Internet and found, the website products state that they're in Hong Kong, may be you can take a look?

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    1kimie just to let you know, macyhong is a spammer that has been reported and deleted many times.

    As for your question, it will probably be pretty cheap in HK but honestly qi paos can look pretty awful if they don't fit exactly. And if you're not there to try it on, you run that risk. I don't know HK well enough to make recommendations, sorry.

    I don't know about Texas but where I live, premade qi paos can be found in Chinatown and Chinese neighbourhoods at reasonable prices... certainly not so expensive to warrant the trouble of buying it sight unseen in HK.
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    I agree with ring_pop in that if you can't see it and try it on in person, it's probably not worth the money you may be saving no matter where you get it.  Chinatowns usually have something that will work for you (if you're in Dallas, maybe Houston would have something?), but if you're looking for something specifically embroidered, there may be a place in to custom order it.

    I did, however, get my embroidered qipao in HK while visiting there and found it at "The Wedding Mall" there... it was pre-made with a huge embroidered dragon and phoenix design on it, and it surprisingly fit me like a glove, so I went ahead and got it.  I wish I could remember what street it sits on, but it's a 3-4 story building with little shops that are all wedding related (clothing, invites, photography, etc), which was kind of cool.  I'll try to find the site I bookmarked with directions on how to get there if you are set on having your friend look there... or even send you a picture of what I'm talking about.  Just let me know, and best of luck in your search!
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    Hello Ladies, here is the location of the "wedding mall" in hk - 

    The wedding mall is called Golden Plaza, and is located at 747 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong (Prince Edward MTR)

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    Can you tell me how much the qi pao cost in HK (both the pre-made and custom made)? Thanks!
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